Live FX Trader Review: Is Scam?

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Live FX Trader is a service that was created in November 2019 to deliver market fundamental analysis, trade alerts and education.

Live FX Trader is hosted at and owned by Russell Sandiford who is a self-proclaimed “Dealer & Broker for large global brokers in Sydney and London”.

Mr. Sandiford is offering tutoring through email and private traders’ group.

In addition to this, he posts 1 Forex trade daily on his FX Trade of the Day service.

He claims that trading courses and technical trading systems don’t work because they don’t factor Macroeconomics and general sentiments into the equation, so a “reset” in these factors will cause these trading solutions to lose money.

Mr. Russell Sandiford feels that his service is unique and profitable because he only focuses on larger market fundamentals.

The question is whether is a viable service worth subscribing to or not.

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Live FX Trader Review (

The website contains various aspects of the trading service.

Russell Sandiford claims that his approach is based on 3 key concepts which have helped the course gain popularity in the last 3 years.

The concepts are listed as follows:

FX Market correlation, risk-off and risk-on market tone and USD sentiment accuracy.

At the bottom of the website are 3 videos that provide a quick overview of what the service is all about, plus an outdated video that still talks of trading in 2019.

And of course we can contact Mr. Russell Sandiford through live chat or email if we’re interested in his trading education.

What is the price of this trading education?

Unfortunately this question is never answered straight away on the landing page but there’s a money back guarantee which suggests that the course and membership is pricey.

Live FX Trader and the trading strategy

The trading strategy does not come out quite clearly.

Mr. Sandiford fails to paint a clear picture of why he believes his trading is more profitable and consistent than others.

In fact, the only thing that the promotion materials will let you know is that Live FX Trader is using market fundamentals to coach students and provide 1 Forex signal every day.

They hint that the trading strategy uses market trends and only technical analysis is used to pinpoint exits.

As far as trading strategy is concerned, this is a vague explanation which does not provide any insights into the trading style of this dude.

Who is Russell Sandiford?

This is a very good question to ask.

According to the marketing materials, Mr. Sandiford started trading equities in 1999 before he expanded to Forex and Commodities.

He claims to have worked as a broker dealer in an unknown company.

In addition this, he can allegedly read market fundamentals fast and easily and even help traders make sense of this information in plain English.

But as far as our investigations are concerned, Mr. Sandiford does not have a verifiable trading performance.

Trading performance is a very simple thing to produce if asked to do so.

Apparently this dude’s “track record since 1999” is unverifiable.

This reduces Mr. Russell Sandiford of Live FX Trader to a mere Google marketer trying to peddle nothing more than financial wizardry.

The people who fall for these kind of traps are often described as the financially desperate.

Are there reviews of LiveFXTrader?

Yes indeed and I have seen lots of ugly reviews which range from lack of commitment to deliver training to abusing victims over email and rejecting their refund requests.

This is quite unprofessional but most importantly, we expect con artists in the Forex market place to behave in a similar manner.

Currently there are dozens of negative reviews documented against this service.

Russel is full of lies. He even claims that the service kicked off in 2016 yet we know the website first appeared online in late 2019.


This is definitely going to end on a negative note because Russell is yet another Forex charlatan with no documented trading history.

We have to deal with these characters every other day because their silver-tongued language somehow appeals to the financially desperate.

These charlatans don’t report any losing trades and they often trade on a simulator.

Thankfully, now that you read this review, you won’t fall into this ugly trap.

2 thoughts on “Live FX Trader Review: Is Scam?

  1. Do you want to submit a broker or comment about their scam activities? BrokerProfile is the uncensored forum where you can discuss freely about good and bad trading service providers..
  2. Michelle Brand

    I know Russell pretty well having dealt with the poor guy for around a decade. All he ever wanted to do was get the next client suckered in so he could go and support his out of control cocaine and alcohol habit. He’s a mess and he’s a scammer and someone you just don’t need in your life

    1. Russell

      Please remove the fake reply by “Michelle Brand”

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