Lion Capital Group Review: Another Investment Scam

In this review, we will prove to you that Lion Capital Group is yet another investment scam. The offending website is registered as and you should avoid it.

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Is Lion Capital Group legit?

The scam is claiming to be involved in real estate, agriculture, Cryptocurrencies, healthcare and construction. Lion Capital Group further lies that they started the website in 2014 before diversifying to Crypto in 2019.

The reason we know that this is a lie is because if you check for the date in which the website was registered, you will see that it first appeared online in January 2022.

So Lion Capital Group is actually a brand new scam that is less than 6 months old and is likely to disappear with investors’ funds anytime from now.

As we write this review, there is also a warning that was issued against this investment scam by Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority.

The authority has claimed that this website is illegally targeting its citizens, and we tend to agree with them because this website does not have a license to offer investment services in any shape or form.

Therefore, LionCapitalGroup is not legit.

Are your funds safe with LionCapitalGroup?

No, your funds cannot be safe. As a matter off fact, the scam does not participate in any of those investing areas. We have not seen any evidence of the same.

But here they are and collecting money from unsuspecting victims. How are they going to pay profits if they don’t have any business going on?

The answer is that such a scam will always pay out a small portion of the money to a few lucky people but 90% of those who invested their monies will lose the funds.

The website is a fly by night operation. It is not reliable and it cannot keep your money safe.

The Conclusion

We urge you to avoid an unregulated website that is pretending to invest your funds in various businesses when in the real sense the scammer is keeping the money under his mattress.

This is not a stable source of income. Their job is to steal your deposit and for that reason, we urge you to Recover what you have lost here.