Lifestyle Trader Event Review: Greg Secker Again (another Scam)

Lifestyle Trader Event by Greg Secker is a scam. This guy has several other websites which he uses to defraud aspiring traders. These include,, and many others which we probably don’t know about.

If learning how to trade is your priority, just approach people who have traded for a long time and are teaching as part time… not people that are teaching full time and not trading at all.

The owner of Lifestyle Trader Event is also a perennial criminal who occassionally enters into confrontation with law enforcement from time to time. In the latest criminal act, Greg Secker was slapped with a fine of £1,000 for having sex with a girl inside his Lamborgini.

This Greg Secker guy has also branded himself as a financial guru who is also a world renowned trading educator.

Now the question is — will he teach you the secret trading strategy that can give you the kind of millions he has? The answer is a resounding NO! And you will also be shocked that his millions don’t come from Forex trading as purported.

Lifestyle Trader Event Review

The Lifestyle Trader Event website is just a landing page that peddles a free trading event.

The webpage also suggests that students can ‘learn how to trade the market’ in 2 hours.

The website is a marketing platform where students can sign up and hopefully Greg will convert them into ‘useful’ leads.

You must understand that Greg is extremely good at internet marketing. So converting the financially desperate and getting them to make a purchase of his scam is extremely easy.

He starts by registering his Learn to Trade website on the corny TrustPilot reputation management website.

This has the effect of helping him gain milage in the financial education industry as well as making him look legitimate.

Trustpilot charges hundreds of dollars per month to host con artists in the financial industry. So any of the ‘reviews’ that appear on the platform are not always legitimate. The person that trusts these ‘user reviews’ is the fool.

Back to Lifestyle Trader Event… The website is touting a trading event and using colorful marketing language such as “we’ve traded over 400,000 people globally and we’ve invested over 5 million in our trading systems to help people trade the currency market like professionals.’

This is hogwash. It has the psychological effect of making the financially naive make impulse buying without thinking twice.

Your actions is what has made Greg Secker a millionaire while you are not even owning a Lamborgini like he does.

Who is GURDAS SINGH SIDHU of Lifestyle Trader Event?

Greg Secker of Lifestyle Trader Event brought this guy on board because Gurdas Singh Sidhu also has very good sales language and marketing skills.

Gurdas is marketed as a ‘former student of Greg Secker” who has trained over 1,000 students. What a bunch of baloney?

There’s no proof of these so-called successful students. It is just a colorful marketing language. The person that spends money on these kinds of ‘trading courses’ is the fool.

Why is it that Greg Secker is never posting his trading performance?

This is a question that I have always been asking myself but the answer is quite clear. The guy does not trade.

The guy’s money comes from selling trading courses and branding himself like a financial guru.

This is why he has so much media coverage (he uses money to make greedy people speak well of him).

With no verifiable trading performance, you can be sure that the owner of Lifestyle Trader Event is a scammer.

The Conclusion

He will entice you to buy his ‘secret trading strategy’ because he will always make you believe that you can become a millionaire by making that purchase.

The problem is that you will feel scammed if after one year of ‘learning to trade’ you have not made a penny yet.

Bottom line is that trading is never easy. You need people who can actually teach you and not use hype to lie to you.

Lifestyle Trader Event is just a scam. Thank you for reading this review.