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Lee Arnold System Review: It’s a Scam (

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This Lee Arnold System review proves that the website found at is ripping off consumers big time. is operated by a financially greedy real estate chief and “man of God” called Lee Arnold.

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Lee Arnold System is supposedly a broker training program that ‘guarantees success’ in real estate investing. You want to become a real estate maestro and roll with the big boys? Mr. Arnold and his cahort have got your back. No problem at all. They only need you to invest $35,000 in their training and additional thousands of dollars to join the “inner circle”.

The inner-circle is supposedly a very “special place” to belong. You get 100% funding for your real estate investing endeavors. Additionally, folks who purchase membership into the “inner circle” get to learn secrets that are not found anywhere else.

What’s crazy about it is that the “watch and learn” sessions come with lots of upsells. The salesmen manning the company’s marketing department are masterful internet merchants with a very long tongue. They can lick the wax out of your ears as they’re good at persuading the student why he needs more lessons than what he’s already purchased.

Lee Arnold System Review and Overview

The company is based out of the United States, specifically at 701 E Front Ave 2nd floor, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814.

The company also owns Cogo Capital and has affiliation with another dubious entity called Secured Investment Corp.

All of these entities conspire to rip off the financially unsophisticated in what appears to be a legitimate opportunity in real estate investing only for the consumers to spend more money in return for nothing.

Yes there is training. But this training comprises a bunch of materials and seminars that cost money and time with no results.

In fact, these “trainings and seminars” are the subject of many complaints directed towards the company.

Lee Arnold System and the clever marketing

The sales page is very attractive and it proclaims the following as the tagline:


The Lee Arnold System sales page is crafted and designed to maximize conversions.

Every person that lands on the won’t leave without giving out some form of contact information like email or phone number.

Obviously people who visit this sort of a website are interested in real estate investing.

So it only makes sense that these people should leave their contacts behind so that Mr. Arnold can reach out to them later on.

Take note that Mr. Arnold is a trickster, investment hustler and an “ordained Minister” all in one package.

If you’re a Christian or was somehow brought up in a Christian background, it would be easy to fall for his tricks.

Christians are taught to hold “men of God” in high esteem. These men of God…. People think highly of them. They are adored and respected. Every word that comes out of their mouths are supposedly true and undisputable.

Mr. Arnold of even offers to share his daily religous insights with his students.

If you want it, just leave your email and you will begin to receive “The Daily Dose of Boldness” free of charge.

He also declares that he is helping poor people become financially-free.

This dude is basically the promoter and taker of the Gospel of Christ.

Now to be honest with you, I’ve learned that people who attempt to sell their products or services using some sort of Christian doctrine are most of the time not honest. They should be scrutinized.

Mr. Arnold is a wolf in sheep’s skin. He is the grandmaster of hypocricy.

It’s not possible for a man of God to tell lies, make millions and keep telling lies without one iota of regret.

Wrapping it up

Lee Arnold System is an intricate scam. You can hardly suspect that something is amiss due to how the scheme has managed to achieve some sort of legitimacy right from their marketing strategy to how they carry out their activities.

There’s a real physical address and real people working there. Mr. Arnold hosts the seminars in person and students get to interact with him on a face-to-face level.

It’s just not possible to realize that this is a scam until you have spent $30,000 or more.

The guy has all the time to show his students around. He even promises to give them loans.

He also targets investors (through his Cogo Capital company) in real estate who want to flip houses and promises to give them “good deals”.

While a few people seem to praise him here and there, most of the people who get scammed are the learners.

My take away is this:

1)Do not spend your $30,000 or more in consultations. Spend it in the real business

2)If you’re paying $30,000 or more for the Lee Arnold System, do you have additional budget for the business or do you believe in the bogus Cogo Capital loans?

3)This guy needs to be investigated by the SEC or some investigating authority that’s in charge of these affairs. I’m clueless why this has not happened yet.

Thanks for reading this review. If you are having trouble recovering your funds from Lee Arnold System, go here to get help.

Thank you for reading this review. Kindly contribute your ideas and opinions below.

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  1. One of the people at cogo capital were trying to scam
    Me out of 3k. They just sent a text, had two guys call and try to get me to pay. What also was fishy was that he changed the price from 2979 after I told him how much I had on credit. As the guy at rei said “it doesn’t pass the smell test”.

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