Kurdistan Forex Review: Scam Broker (kurdistanforex.com)


In this Kurdistan Forex review, we will give you reasons why kurdistanforex.com is a scam that you should avoid.

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Is Kurdistan Forex a legit broker?

The company KURDISTANFOREX LTD is not legit and so they cannot offer you a reliable and transparent trading platform.

The company is operating out of London but is not authorized by the FCA to provide financial services.

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This is why there is a warning against Kurdistan Forex because they are illegally offering Forex and CFDs trading services to UK residents without a valid license.

This is a very dangerous website, seeing that they are not likely to adhere to the strict rules and regulations that govern companies that offer financial services.

Whereas there’s nothing wrong with offering tradeable instruments to people who want to make money from the financial markets, the mistake of this broker is that they have failed to inspire trust and confidence in traders.

There website looks like something that can go offline without notice. This is typical of all unlicensed brokers.

Are your funds safe with Kurdistan Forex?

There’s something that suggests that Kurdistan Forex lacks transparency and cannot be trusted with money.

Unregulated brokers don’t keep your funds in segregated accounts, meaning that there is a risk of this broker using your own funds for running their own business activities.

Furthermore, the FCA has stated that UK residents will not be eligible for compensation in the event that they are scammed by the unauthorized firm.

KurdistanForex’s website is also introducing us to their ‘team members’ but this information is suspicious as no professional profiles were provided.

Those ‘team members’ are introduced using just one name and position in the company but no linkedin profile to confirm their authenticity.

All of these things are considered red flags and evidence that your funds won’t be safe in the hands of this broker.

KurdistanForex Review: The Conclusion

The risk of losing your investment is quite high hence we advice you to avoid this broker at all cost.

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Thanks for reading this review.

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