Review: Is kryptos X Scam? is a website that claims to offer its users a platform where they can trade and exchange Bitcoin.

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Bitcoin seems to be the most dominant Crypto to buy and sell on the Kryptos X platform, although they claim to deal in other Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and altcoins.

The site also claims to have implemented a first-class support system that guides users on how to buy and invest in Bitcoin.

Kryptos-X is a self-proclaimed Crypto investing websites that is different from other Crypto trading sites.

They operate from Singapore and that means their service must be compliant with the Singapore Securities and Futures Act and Monetary Authority of Singapore respectively.

Is Kryptos-X legit?

Kryptos-X suggests on their website that they are members of the Singapore Cryptocurrency and Blockchain industry association.

Kryptos-X review

In other words, this means that the service should already be compliant with the requirements of Singapore Securities and Futures Act.

This part is not quite clear on their website.

Nevertheless, it seems the company has already established banking systems and is able to counter financing terrorism requirements through their KYC requirements.

Tony Mackay is the founder of Kryptos-X. Mr. Mackay was also the founder and chairman of Chi-X Europe (a subsidiary of Bats GlobalĀ Markets (Bats company).

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Their website is quite basic with just a few feature highlights which include security, transparency and user-friendliness.

Once users have signed up and submitted KYC, they are supposed to start trading Crypto without facing any problems.


Kryptos-X is not a popular exchange and there are currently not a lot of reviews or user testimonials about the kind of experience this project offers.

We would be hesitant to make an investment decision right away.

At the moment, we are seated on the fence because there’s a tendency of traders wanting to use popular and more established Cryptocurrency trading and investing platforms.

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