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Klaustrade Review: Scam Crypto Exchange!

Klaustrade exchange is a site that claims to make it easy for people to send, receive or trade in Crypto.

They promise safety, protection, 24 hour support and stability to visitors who come to Klaustrade exchange.

They even insist that the service has been operating since 2017. However, according to who.is, Klaustrade was registered in June 2020.

Klaustrade review

This means that the owners of this website are basically lying about an experience which they do not have.

Additionally, Klaustrade marketing materials proclaim that the site is a trusted platform for trading BTC and that they offer fast order execution.

These statements are just for filling up the website so it can look as if they’re professional.

Is Klaustrade legit?

No this site is not legitimate. It has all the hallmarks of a scam Cryptocurrency exchange that keeps the coins of their victims.

This is not a popular Crypto exchange plus they do not have any reputation in the market.

There are many well-known Crypto exchanges out there. This website is not one of them.

Therefore, if you send money to these scammers, prepare to lose your coins completely.


Klaustrade does not even introduce its owners. They only state that they’re based in London.

Whether or not this is true is something we cannot establish.

Thanks for reading this review. Avoid doggy sites for dealing in Bitcoin.

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