Kingston Trading Review: Scam “Investment Advisor”

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Kingston Trading at is purporting to be a broker-dealer and investment advisor.

They do not operate like a typical Forex broker but would rather pose as a hedge fund dealing with lots of investment fund.

This is why is claiming that they’ve executed over 120 transactions worth 4 billion dollars.

Nobody can verify this claim but if it’s true, it has to be money that they’ve scammed people.

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In addition to this, the firm is also offering investment advice in the areas of tax planning, retirement planning and estate planning.

Their target is high net-worth clients.

To persuade clients to invest, Kingston Trading tells them that the company is involved in long term approach to investing.

They want to “add value” for their clients beyond returns. They use research-based approach.

They diversify risk.

Kingston Trading is definitely littering their website with investing mumbo jumbo but a careful look into this website also tells you that this material is fluff.

Just in case you don’t know, Kingston Trading is operating more or less like St. Clair Capital Group and Naotsune Alliance boiler room scams.

Kingston Trading is not regulated

Their website states that the broker-dealer is based out of Hong Kong.

This raises the question of whether Kingston Trading is regulated or not.

The Hong Kong financial system is made up of Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA), the Insurance Authority, Securities and Futures Commission and the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (MPFA).

All of these bodies collectively regulate companies that provide some sort of financial service to residents of Hong Kong.

However, Kingston Trading is not one of the regulated financial firms here.

This pretty much tells us what this broker-dealer is up to. If they don’t have a license, it gives them much leeway to scam investors and disappear with their money.

How Kingston Trading will scam you

In as much as they claim to be transparent, the truth is that nothing is transparent here.

The way they work is that the salesmen will obtain your number from an internet source and use it to call you out of the blues.

They will then sell you a high yield investment opportunity that requires some minimum deposit.

They might even tell you that Kingston Trading is investing in corporate bonds, equities and mutual funds and that it is impossible to lose money.

They are highly trained boiler room salesmen and women. If you fall for their lies, you will wire them the specific sum of money that they are requesting.

Indeed the scammers will create a dashboard for you where you can login and view your “investments” growing in real time.

They will not be done with you at this time since they are trained to always come back for more.

This time you might ask you to top up so that you can make a lot of money.

Most people grow suspicious at this stage and it’s when they discover that they’ve been screwed.

The mode of payment will always be in wire transfer or Bitcoin.


Nothing good will come from a scam like Kingston Trading.

The fact that they are not regulated nor registered as an investment company should speak volumes.

The website is also being run anonymously. You can’t trust websites that are run by faceless people requesting you to send thousands of dollars in investment money.

In short, avoid this fraud and you’ll be okay.

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