King Quant LLC Review: NinjaTrader Scam Bots and Indicators -

King Quant LLC Review: NinjaTrader Scam Bots and Indicators

Welcome to the King Quant review.

King Quant codes and sells NinjaTrader 8 bots and indicators from their official website which can be found at

While their bots and trading indicators appear to be more NinjaTrader-oriented, some of their products also cater for the TradeStation, TOS Esignal and MetaTrader markets respectively.

In this King Quant review, we’ll be analyzing and determining whether this vendor is truly the “World Leader in Algorithmic trading”.

We’ll also be seeking to find out the quality of their trading indicators and bots since they claim to code and sell trading bots, scanner bots, custom alerts and indicators.

King Quant LLC review

The team behind King Quant LLC appear to be focused on developing trading software rather than finding and testing trading strategies that can work.

This kind of attitude is associated with an internet salesman rather than a professional trader. Nevertheless, we’ll find out in the next paragraphs of this King Quant review whether this assumption holds water.

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King Quant LLC Review

King Quant LLC is headed by Brian Nutt who lives in the state of Nevada, US.

The company was incorporated in October 2018. They added Brian Nutt as an agent and manager at the same time.

The company does not appear to have any other people working for it and so we assume that this is probably a one man army operation.

Marketing materials on the King Quant website claim that programmers who code their indicators are active traders who can handle easy and complex tasks.

It’s not possible to verify the trading background of these programmers since none have been introduced by name.

They’re completely anonymous and the only thing we can bank on is their promise that KingQuant is an industry leader in trading systems automation and custom indicator development.

The company boasts of fastest turn around on the internet. They claim that indicators and bots can be programmed in as little as a few hours to one day.

All payment must be submitted before coding can begin (assuming you want them to code for you). We have not seen trading results yet.

King Quant LLC appears to be one particular firm that assumes traders will give them the benefit of doubt right of the butt.

Their trading bots and indicators are not necessary cheap as the cost can run into several thousands of dollars.

If you value your money, you should keep reading this King Quant review.

King Quant review: NinjaTrader 8 Bots and indicators

You might describe this as a spectacular parade of trading bots and indicators. We can hardly keep track of the number of trading indicators and bots sold through this website.

NinjaTrader 8 indicators are sold as a package, and the developer is supposedly providing purchase coupons for discounts which are always expiring in the next day.

This is just a marketing stunt and believe you me, prices can never rise beyond what you see on their website since these guys are into making money through selling and selling, not trading per sei.

As for the NinjaTrader 8 indicators, packages come in two types namely: Bronze package and Silver package.

The cost is $999 and $1,999 respectively. So, what do you get in these packages?

The King’s MA Cloud Indicator

The King’s MACD indicator

The King’s MA Momentum Indicator

Individual NinjaTrader 8 indicators on this list have been assigned an imaginary price value.

This is yet a common marketing tactic to make you believe you’re getting more value for less.

For the Silver package, traders get the following:

All Bronze Package Items

PowerBar Chains Indicator

FlashLight Indicator

Now, as for the bot packages, King Quant charges $1,999 and $7,999.

Already programmed trading bots and indicators cost this much. How much more does it cost to have King Qaunt program your custom trading software?

Probably thousands of dollars. You cannot risk investing this much when you have not seen any trading results, right?

This is what we’ll be talking about in the trading results section of this King Quant review.

Trading results for the King Quant bots and indicators

This vendor sells their bots and trading indicators for thousands of dollars, so you’d expect them to back their trading software with verified trading performance statistics.

We certainly expect Brian Nutt and his anonymous team of coders to know this. Why they’re not implementing it is the big question and a red flag for that matter.

For you to sell a trading system for thousands of dollars, it must be really good.

Also, we don’t understand why the vendor is insisting on selling a bunch of indicators as opposed to just one at a time.

Probably it’s a trick they use to make money per sale. Due to the fact that these indicators and bots have never been tested and found to be viable, it is better to look elsewhere for your purchase decisions.

We can only recommend trading systems that have been tested. King Quant and their trading indicators/bots can never qualify for a place in our list of highly recommended trading tools. 

Customer reviews

The other day we received an interesting email from a customer of King Quant LLC.

The screenshot of the email has been uploaded below.

king quant reviews

Obviously this email is from someone who lost a lot of money to King Quant and is disappointed.

This guy feels scammed to say the least. So lets call a spade a spade….. King Quant is basically a website that defrauds traders by selling them malfunctioning trading systems for thousands of dollars.

People who are desperately looking for a good trading indicator or bot are going to be talked into believing the promises of the salesman in charge.

In the end, those promises evaporate like fart in the wind, leaving the victim even poorer than he was.


We discourage any attempts to get persuaded that King Quant indicators and robots are the real deal.

This website is basically a den of investment snake oil charlatans. They go to great lengths to convince and upsell you more useless indicators.

They know that they can make a lot of money as soon as they speak your language.

Beware of wiring payments to them in advance as this can leave you minus your money and a trading indicator. A bunch of thieves will ruin your day and pocket.

Thank you for reading the King Quant review. We look forward to your feedback but not the kind that we consider spam.

Spam feedback are comments from users promoting fake fund recovery programs.


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