Kenke Capital Review: Scam Broker at (

Kenke Capital is a typical Forex broker with scamming tendencies.

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Kenke Capital ( is offering your regular instruments for trading just like their competition, Mexem and Briton Markets.

Since we already know what to look for in a reliable Forex broker, we’ll go straight into the lies and tricks that Kenke Capital is using to lure victims into their trap of deceptive trading.

In their promotion materials, the broker claims they will give traders $800 with no deposit requirement.

In another lie, the broker claims they will provide up to $20,000 in bonuses.

It is highly unlikely that they will do what they say they will do.

In fact, Kenke Capital is very new to this marketplace.

A look at the date of founding their website suggests that they registered it in December 2020.

This is a very new broker and trusting a new website that purports to provide financial services is the worst mistake to make as a trader.

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Kenke Capital Review (

The company’s website is not as informative as other established brokers’ websites.

I also saw a number of red flags that made me think otherwise and not recommend them.

The first red flag is the lie that Kenke Capital is regulated by the NFA.

I took their purported licensing number and searched in in the NFA records. I got negative result because this broker is not regulated by any financial oversight authority.

The question is: if Kenke Capital can lie about their licensing status, then trusting them with money can be a huge mistake because they will definitely steal it.

Liars in the Forex brokerage business are known to deny withdrawals, freeze accounts with real money inside or manipulate trading so that the client can lose.

So if you tried to do business with this broker, you would be a victim of either of the 3 malicious activities.

No customer feedback

I hate to trade with brokers that have no customer feedback.

Think about it; if this broker is good, they should sign up dozens of customers because since their founding date, months have passed and I believe they have also engaged in many advertising campaigns.

Why their website does not have any customers is the big question.

I actually want people who have dealt with this broker to come forward in the comment section with their feedback.

It would be good to hear what they have to say, but until then, let’s avoid this Forex broker.

Kenke Capital AI asset management

This is where the broker is announcing that they can provide automated trading using AI software.

We know these tricks because we’ve lost money to these brokers before.

They claim to have a wonderful trading software but if you actually ask them for some sort of trading performance, they will give you a fake audited performance or better still not produce any.

With Kenke Capital being a dishonest website, you can bet that the tricks will continue to be used on naive traders.

The Concusion

Recommending Kenke Capital would be disastrous because they are clearly liars who have nothing to offer traders.

They would like to take traders’ money by means of lying to them that they have a valid NFA license.

This broker is not providing any reasons to believe their website and offers.

Stay away from them at least for now.

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