Keler Group Review: is a Scam Broker

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Keler Group ( is working alongside a network of other Cryptocurrency scams which include and Keler Group appears to be nothing but a means to launder all monies that have been stolen from the Yuan Pay campaign. Talking of Yuan Pay, there are several websites that claim to be legitimate sellers of the Chinese-backed coin. These websites include,,, and many more. Notice that all of these scam sites are similar in design and vibe.

On the other hand, Keler Group scam is presented as a boutique Crypto trading platform where investors will get the best “human resources and approach”. They promise to “provide traders with secure access to the Cryptocurrency market”. Keler Group scam is executed out of Switzerland, Bulgaria and Estonia, thanks to the sophisticated network of scammers who work together to make their goal a reality. If you truly want to invest in Cryptocurrencies, you must start with the righ brokers and the correct trading resources. Otherwise you’ll fail and even get scammed in the process.

Keler Group ( Review

Keler Group makes no reference to any of the above companies. They prefer to maintain anonymity of the highest order.

The broker only promises a huge number of benefits that they’re ready to give traders. For example, they promise “best security standards and ultimate trading experience”.

They tell us that Keler Group has the lowest trading fees, starting 0.1%. There is a fee for opening and closing trades, which makes them very expensive to trade with.

As if this is not enough, the broker also charges daily swap, which is 0.2%. If you are used to trading volumes, then these fees can quickly add up, eating into your profits — assuming they were a legitimate broker and trading with peace of mind was possible.

The broker offers a long list of Crypto pairs for trading. The minimum deposit is $500 but if you want additional features like private sessions, market research and commentary, smart money management plan and big bonuses, then Kella Group requires you to deposit at least $2500. This is clearly a broker that wants to scam you since these brokers are decent and will not place demands for huge deposits in order to give you access to basic features.

By the way, once you sign up, KelerGroup requires your deposit in Tether. If you don’t already have Tether in your wallet, the scam Crypto broker will redirect you to their partner exchange (AllCoinSwapper) though the transaction is processed by another partner scam called

It appears that the people who run these two entities are one. There is no way they can work and promote each other in this manner if they are not the same people.

Keler Group is not licensed

Now that you have seen their dirty dealings, you should be concerned with their licensing status.

Scams like Premium Trade Investment, BitIQ App and LionFXM won’t bother to apply for a license because they can’t qualify for one.

That is the same case with Keler Group. It’s because they are an illegal broker involved in scamming activities, hence the reason it is so hard to get a license.

Their website does not look very serious though. It looks like something that’s here today and gone tomorrow. No security at all.

What to do if you’ve been scammed by KelerGroup

If you lost a significant amount of money to this fake Crypto broker (ofr you got scammed by another entity), it is best to start a chargeback process to recover your money.

I’ve included a short form in this review and also a live chat for this function. Please utilize those and a professional will get back to you for consultations. There is no upfront cost for consultations.

The Conclusion

Keler Group is a dangerous Crypto scam. This must be avoided if you don’t want unnecessary heartache.

Now that we warned you, we hope you will not fall for their lies. They are not worth your time. They will treat you like trash once they scam you.

Thanks for reading.

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