Kapitalmarketsfx.com Review: Capital Markets FX Fraud

It’s difficult to understand why Capital Markets FX is operating their business from a seamingly misspelled domain name — Kapitalmarketsfx.com. Furthermore, the landing page is making reference to the name capital markets EU, which is supposed to be the name of the entity behind Kapitalmarketsfx.com. The company is allegedly in Switzerland and stating that they’re regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). Is this even true?

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You see, companies that offer financial services are required to have a valid license. This is the case with these Forex and CFDs brokers because they recon that their businesses must comply with the laws while also assuring traders and investors that safety of funds will be a priority than anything else. On that same note, Kapital Markets FX (for the sake of the weird spelling error) is not guaranteeing any safety. Even if you use the best trading education, signals or a combination of both, you will still lose your investment.

Kapitalmarketsfx Review: Services of Capital Markets FX

Kapital Markets FX markets states that they are a leading Forex broker. This is of course not the case as their website does not represent that of a competetive Forex broker.

Services include portfolio management and Forex/CFDs retail trading services where both individuals and corporates can open a trading account.

In their managed account services, Kapitalmarketsfx is presenting “good yearly ROI” from the “greatest Forex traders”.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to verify the qualifications of these Forex traders. The company fails to provide us a sneak peek of their past performance even if it covers the last 6 months.

As an investor, you want to put your money where there’s proof that it will perform well. Capital Markets FX does not give you this assurance, hence committing your money to this project would be a risky affair.

Kapitalmarketsfx does not state what their trading services look like. We don’t know whether they offer MetaQuotes trading platform, what the spreads look like or what the minimum deposit is.

Kapitamarketsfx simply wants us to trust them by opening an account on their website, albeit their salespage having very little useful information.

As a matter of fact, Capital Markets FX is worse than some of these scams (CapitalFX ltd, Proactive FX Markets and PlusFX) because those websites are trying to present the bare minimum that is required to build some level of trust towards their brand.

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KapitalMarketsFX (Capital Markets FX) has no valid regulatory license

This is just a warning that we need to emphasize on. Don’t trust a broker that has no valid regulatory license as they’re mostly a scam.

This particular company cannot be trusted because they lack authorization from Finma, which is the local financial regulator in Switzerland.

What to do if you have been scammed by Capital Markets FX

If the amount of money you lost is big, I encourage you to apply for a chargeback.

You can do so by utilizing the live chat or filling in the form in this review. Your case will be looked at for free and if you qualify for a chargeback, the company in question will begin the process for you.

The conclusion

We don’t trust Kapital Markets FX because their website fails to give us reasons why we should believe them.

No reviews of this company can be found anywhere on the internet. This is quite strange because a “leading Forex broker” is one that must be popular and even a bit controversial.

Thanks for reading this review. Drop your comments to tell us about your experience with this company.

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