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Kamalaai Fund Management Review: Is Kamalaai.com Scam?

Kamalaai Fund Management is registered in the UK as Kamalaai group Ltd and operated by Yogesh Bhalerao, aka Billionaire13.

Yogesh Bhalerao has a long and sad history of cheating unsuspecting investors of the Indian origin.

This sort of character gives the retail trading industry a bad name, hence we can’t add their service into our list of resources that traders can use to attain financial freedom.

Through KirikFX.com Forex brokerage which he owns, he is able to manipulate myfxbook results and trick investors into signing up from his other website, Kamalaai.com.

KirikFX.com is purportedly registered in the Saint Vincent & the Grenadines and is not regulated by any financial oversight authority.

It is an offshore Forex brokerage that is associated with Yogesh of Kamalaai.com.

The investment hustler in question is currently running managed Forex accounts.

The website’s promotion material states that they can make your future a success.

He is teaming up with two other supposed marketing analysts called Samuel and Andrew to run Kamalaai Fund Management.

Both of them proclaim a substantial market experience in the field of fundamental and technical analysis.

I cannot verify their actual trading experience because none of them have posted their professional profile on the Kamalaai Fund Management website.

Why Kamalaai Fund Management is a scam

The website is obviously a scam that wants to steal your money.

I arrived at this conclusion based on an in-depth research of their activities and the characters of people involved in this investment hustling scheme.

I am particularly interested in the character of Mr. Yogesh who is reported to be running Kirik FX brokerage from Dubai yet using a Saint Vincent & the Grenadines address.

This is the first red flag to take seriously when analyzing a scam like this.

Secondly, there are reports that Mr. Yogesh is wanted by the Indian police over money laundering charges.

I don’t know if this particular allegation is true but the fact that Yogesh has not come out to defend himself could suggest something.

Trading performance

Having said this, I’m also interested in Kamalaai Fund Management trading performance.

The link to his myfxbook account is available on the navigation menu of Kamalaai website.

This link leads us to a myfxbook account with multiple trading strategies, all with impressive results.

However, all of these accounts belonging to “Billionaire13” are not actively being traded at the moment.

It appears that Mr. Yogesh was only interested in documenting as many “profitable strategies” as possible to lure victims into his Kamalaai fund management.

Ultimately, all the monies that his victims deposit through the KirikFX brokerage will end up in his personal bank account.

Unfortunately, the typical investor does not know that these two websites are owned by the same person and that the results on myfxbook are being doctored from the Kirikfx end.

Can you see how clever this is?


The owner of Kamalaai Fund management has a clever strategy to defraud traders and investors. This is for a fact.

He’s crafty with his phony “performance records” on myfxbook. Actually this is the only way to deceive myfxbook and subsequently investors.

It’s just a matter of time before you are caught Mr. Yogesh.

If you are furious that I posted this review, I give you this chance to defend yourself.

Come to my inbox but in the meantime, don’t try to mislead my audience in the comment section.

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