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Joy of the Trade Review: The Jeff Zananiri’s Scam

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Jeff Zananiri owns Joy of the Trade website which is found at

Jeff Zananiri lives in Miami and is using A-class marketing tactics to sell a magical trading system called “the Money Link”.

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Despite not having a verifiable trading performance, Mr. Jeff of Joy of the Trade wants his audience to believe the following:

  • That he made 1 million dollars in 30 minutes
  • That he helped Pan Capital grow from 5.1 million dollars to 700 million dollars
  • That he has never hard a losing quarter in a decade
  • That he’s worked with financial institutions like Bear Stearns, Merrill Lynch, FNY Capital Management and Pan Capital Group

This is definitely an impressive resume if all of this is true. Unfortunately, I can’t verify any of the above claims.

As if this is not enough, your stock trading guru also proclaims that he’s rubbed shoulders with the rich and mighty, that he’s even sat in meetings with Fed Reserve Governors.

At this point, his audience might be thinking that he has the real secret for making millions of dollars from the stock market.

Is Joy of the Trade legit?

It is not legit. The website is basically selling snake oil which is why Mr. Jeff is claiming to be wealthy and knowledgeable in trading stocks.

joy of the trade review

The sales page of this website is made up of real marketing jargon.

There is no real life explanation of the strategy and performance that depicts Mr.Jeff’s trading prowess.

This is a pattern commonly followed by charlatans in the stock market arena.

Therefore, this website is not legit. It only sells promises.


Any trading guru that makes several promises that are obviously too good to be true is a carnival barker.

Mr.Jeff hopes to convince naive investors through invite-only webinars where he promises them how to become wealthy trading stocks with no losses.

The question you should ask him is whether he has a verifiable trading performance.

If he cannot produce one, then it means his method does not work. The reason he is selling the “ultimate trading system” is to make money from your ignorance.

This is the reason this product or service didn’t qualify in our list of recommended trading products and services.

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18 Comment on this post

  1. I love your reviews & hope they keep coming. There have been so many “traders” of all types sending ads to me I’m a little confused on how to choose one. Only a couple have had good things said about them—The Oxford Club or Oxford Communique if I recall correctly. Are there any that you like Mr. Dux??? Other than reviews I have no way of “vetting” them myself so I would love your opinions–don’t worry you don’t have to write it in “blood”!!!! Thanks

  2. Lourdes Bonhomme-Torres

    Thank you. Mr Jeff sold me a dream. This is the dream…”On the 2nd day of the month, invest $3,000. On the 30th day of that same month collect $8,000. You’re right, to good to be true. I did NOT invest the $3,000. Your review saw to that. Again, thank you!!

  3. Trading Divergence in the market is actually brilliant. You go long a bullish scenario that is diverging from a bearish scenario which you short. Not every trade works but that is what stop losses are for. Example SPY is outperforming the SPYV by a huge margin. If you are long the S&P 500 and short the S & P Value you can really crush it.
    That is not snake oil. That is divergence which works wonders in choppy markets.

  4. If they don’t explain how to make the trade theres no way to evaluate how it works. Yes divergence is great arbitrage, BUT they don’t explain how it’s traded, this isn’t proprietary since according to his explanation you can’t trade without knowing the stock pairs which he researches for you. He STILL doesn’t explain! So snake oil!!!

  5. Just because you cannot verify it does not make it any less true, not saying it is or is not. I am saying the proof is in the pudding. I think God put it best when he said judge not a man by his words but rather by his actions.

    I too believe in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, which buy your post above would make him a scam as well. Sometimes you have to have faith, not blind faith, but faith none the less, which means we have to build trust and we do that by building a relationship, so to that end I started off only investing small amounts over multiple suggested trades.       

    Being new to this style of trading Money Links made sense to me, so I invested the $1,495.00, for a year of Jeff’s brain power. I then bought into his Money Flow 2 trades a month, (1 stock and 1 option (C)) for 5.00 a month or 30.00 a year, maybe you start there. I am in my 3rd month on Money Links and second month on Money Flow.  

    Using his guidance and insight I have not made a million dollars but I have made my money back and then some. Recently just one trade

    Trade  07/16/2020 Trade GLD Bought 1 GLD 08/21/20 Call 168.00 @ 3.95 -$395.00 $0.14 / Sold – 08/10/2020 Trade GLD Sold 1 GLD 08/21/20 Call 168.00 @ 19.34 $1,923.40).

    % of Increase =’s (2,318.40) Increase ÷ Original (395) Number × 100 = 486.937% of increase, thus had you bought 100 shares you would made that trade had an increase of  . that was over a 486.937% increase, if my math is correct. Now lest extrapolate that out.

    1 Share        100 Shares         Shares 500
    $1,923.40    $192,340.00 $961,700.00
    $395.00    $39,500.00        $197,500.00
    2318.4    $231,840.00 $1,159,200.00
    586.94%      586.94%             586.94%

    So you see it is possible! I am not saying this is what he did, as I am not pervie to that information, all I am saying it is possible!.

    Jeff does not tell you how much to invest or what trades to trade. He is making suggestions and that is what you signed up for. No scam here as he has delivered on every aspect of our agreement.  Jeff is also very clear on what you are signing up for and does not promise or guarantee positive returns he is providing a service by delivering to you his observations and suggestions. You have to use your God given sense to take his suggestions and implement all, some, none of them. 

    From my observation Jeff does genuinely believe in the service he is providing, so much so that if you’re not satisfied with his service he will pay for you to get a full years subscription from any other talking head on wealth press. That is the platform you actively engage with your selected adviser. STILL THINK HE A Scam? Comment below and we can discuss more in detail.

    Danny B. from Texas.      

    1. The only reason no performance record is given is because it is a scam. If the vendor had verifiable results and wanted to sell a system he would be crowing that info from the rooftops. Then again if the system really works why sell it? Wait i know he’s struggled like me and wants to help me! He really would have to Jesus!!!!

  6. The point is still well taken. Meaning if someone is going to ask you to give them money based on a webinar ALONE without offering gthe last three years of trading results that are verified by the brokerage firm (and not some spreadhseet), then the guy is sellling a webinar and not providing proof that his system actually works, not just for the last quarter but for all quarters. Rmember he says he never had a losing quarter. That is why I want to see 3 years of trading. Does he provide that?

    1. Good points Larry,
      But Danny’s experience is insightful also.
      And Gregory Santana also stated well.

      I fumbled into Jeff Zananiri’s sales pitch. Way too long. So googled his name and after a few search-results pages (mostly ads) – landed here. Quite insightful here.

      I have learned all I need to know about Jeff’s service here.
      1. Jeff is selling one service. 4 trade recommendations each month (2 stock, 2 options).
      2. Recommendations based on a Theory/Observation (in this case – linked trades) – and some assertion that they pan out even if markets go up or down.
      3. I believe stock picks or tips have value and are worth subscription money.
      4. I also believe successful tip providers have a track record to show, and the rest have long marketing pitches. Track record can also include “legit & paying” repeat subscribers.

      In the end, some of these guys like Jeff – who may genuinely want to help people and even may be good in their picks – link up with a “Marketing” company. It is this marketing company that creates these “snake oil” kind of pitches that border on legalities of the sales claims made. The original guy – Jeff – plays along – thinking this is the way to make the American dream. Marketing company takes like 50% of the incoming revenue.
      Indeed – in the land of immigrants (i am one), there is a sucker on every third street. A few fall for it and generally end up overpaying (in the best outcomes) or get scammed (usual outcome).

      General Rule: If the pitch is too winded (like Jeff’s). Run.
      There are many decent trade pickers out there – that don’t require a $1495 upfront payment and have a monthly subscription for $25 – $75 range, which one can usually cancel any month.

  7. Larry,

    It seems we have a fundamental difference, here you are looking at Jeff’s past performance to establish credibility for future performance, as the month can say anything but that does not make it true. I agree past performance is an important part of the evaluation process, however let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water as there are several other tools you can use to validate and establish credibility. Every money link suggestion comes with verifiable data and Jeff’s market analysis which is the meanness behind the madness, then it is up to you as to what you do with said information.

    I want to again make this statement Jeff is delivering on EVERYTHING he said he would and more. I have received everything I paid for on time or before plus much more such as new and current weekly trade suggestions with supporting data and market analysis, weekly and monthly market reports and updates, bonus trader training videos and DIY How-To-Videos for those of us who are new to this trading style, weekly and monthly market analysis with supporting data and reports, extra trade suggestions with supporting data, extra market data on his suggested trades, shifts in foreign or domestic markets alerts with supporting data, and suggested trade announcements in real time via email and text, market watch videos with other Wealthpress talking heads. Jeff’s direct email for one on one email support,  and the hotline for direct Joy of the Trade phone support, which lets you talk to a real person and the list goes on.

    Let me get this straight, you are saying if you buy a product after watching a video presentation and that product delivers 100% on the proclamations put forth in the video presentation is a scam because the person or entity making the proclamations may or may not have misrepresented their accomplishments. Is that not advertising and marketing 101 and how the capitalist works, is that not a staple in the capitalist market. If that was the benchmark we would not have a market made up of thousands of businesses but rather a market made of thousands of scam artists. Arguably that may very well be what we have.

    We must trust our judgment, use discernment, and evaluate as much or as little information as we deem necessary to make an informed decision. Then we must protect our interest, guard our heart and mind, and proceed with caution until we have built up confidence, credibility, and reliability in the product or situation.

    Curious what you did to confirm or deny Jeff’s legitimacy?  Did you contact Jeff and request verifiable data or give him a chance to confirm or deny  your observations?

    Verifiable Facts:

    Jeff’s stock market trading history and self proclamations are unverified and have yet to be proved or disproved.

    One Money Link trade suggestion from Jeff yielded one member a return of 586.94%. and and has consistently yielded that same member returns of 20% or greater on several other suggested Money Link trades.

    Best Regards,

    Danny B. Made in Texas 

    1. Danny, I’m a newbie. Will Jeff’s training materials teach me the ‘how’? Where could I check it out and pay, just in case?

  8. Jeremy,

    I have been using both trade suggestion, so four trades for each money link pair. Two for the stock trade trade, buy winner and sell looser and one for each of the options.

    Be sure to buy as close to the same $ amounts on both sides of the trade. Meaning if 1 trade is trading at 100 and you buy 1 share @100 and the trade is trading at 10 you would need to buy/sell 10 shares for 100.

    I do seam to do better on options as I am limited on my buying power and still trying to weigh out risk and reward. However you have to watch them more closely as with anything more reward = more risk.

    When I first started trading with MoneyLink I would buy 1 stock/option of the more expensive stock an then match the dollar value with the lower priced with lower stock/option.

    Danny B. made in Texas

  9. Check his FINRA BrokerCheck. He never worked for a firm for more than a year. If someone was generating the returns and profits he generated he would have been revered and not been moving from firm to firm every six months.

  10. I have always followed the old adage that if something is too good to be true, it probably is. I don’t recall being disappointed by doing so. I DO recall avoiding losses by doing so.

  11. Jeff Zananiri is new to me as of this date July 15, 2020. In the last 9 years, I have been to over 12 trade schools, hundreds of webinars, seminars and conferences. There is really nothing new expect the cocktail mix, shifting time frames, days lengths and indicator criteria. Trading terminology is also played in this arena as everyone tries to stand out differently.

    I get calls much the same way as “must see webinar”.
    My questions are:
    2020 ROI?
    YTD ROI?
    Has this system beat the SPY and/or the NASDAQ?
    Do you have any dated YouTube recordings?

    Many answers are, “Sorry, we can’t tell you that because it is priority. Only members.”
    or “We can’t reveal that because we are not financial advisers.”

    I do take in their free demo, 90% of the time, a season trader can break it down which goes back to what I said earlier, there is nothing new, it is just the cocktail mix.

    More important of any service is not the trading plan, it is the results,
    “If a trading system can not beat the SPY and/or the NASDAQ, then the trading system is not worth any money.” Gregory Santana Trading, YouTube

    Are there trading systems that can beat the index? Yes, read or listen to Jack Schwager’s series Market Wizards. Season traders can breakdown the trading plans of the featured traders.

    The key take a ways of all the interviewed traders; risk management, know your exit before the entry, cut losses quickly, move stops in your favor and have courage to take profit usually 3:1, control your greedy with tight profit stops and keep discipline to your rules. The closure, if the trading plan is not making money; stop, breathe, examine, and make changes or get another trading plan. Don’t be a hero. Your number one priority is protect capital. As Sean Takayoshi of “Invest with FIRE” says, “No Money, No Game.”

    As for Jeff, looking into the above comments, Jeff is offering contrarian trading plan. Nothing is wrong with that because divergence does signal potential trend change and earlier entry is where the big money is made.

    As for Danny’s calculated ROI on GLD, he has it incorrect. He paid 395, got 1923 for a net of 1528 and 1528 divided by 395, for a ROI of 386%. That is still a super win of a triple home run in the options circles. Well Done Danny!

    If Jeff’s systems has consistent profit returns that beat the SPY, NASDAQ and IWM, then is worth a shot. Just get the low entry level till proven and earn profit for the next group/course, if there is one. There is never a rush to get into trading because the market will always be there when you are ready. If Jeff’s systems comes with either proven winning suggestions and/or a divergence scanner with rule base trading, it might be worth looking at.

    Karl Domm, YouTube “Real P/L” has tested many trading plans with all the variant cocktails. His years of research with actual purchases as well as deep investigations and testing, concludes 70% of trading plans are profitable.

    Conclusion: If works, don’t break it. If you don’t understand it, learn it or go on to something else. No trading plan is worth anything if you don’t know why your getting in, how your getting in, risk management and clear defined exit rules as the trade changes.

    Thank you and Cheers to All Traders, we are the bravest people in the world because making money is serious business.

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