Joy of the Trade Review: The Jeff Zananiri's Scam -

Joy of the Trade Review: The Jeff Zananiri’s Scam

Jeff Zananiri owns Joy of the Trade website which is found at

Jeff Zananiri lives in Miami and is using A-class marketing tactics to sell a magical trading system called “the Money Link”.

Despite not having a verifiable trading performance, Mr. Jeff of Joy of the Trade wants his audience to believe the following:

  • That he made 1 million dollars in 30 minutes
  • That he helped Pan Capital grow from 5.1 million dollars to 700 million dollars
  • That he has never hard a losing quarter in a decade
  • That he’s worked with financial institutions like Bear Stearns, Merrill Lynch, FNY Capital Management and Pan Capital Group

This is definitely an impressive resume if all of this is true. Unfortunately, I can’t verify any of the above claims.

As if this is not enough, your stock trading guru also proclaims that he’s rubbed shoulders with the rich and mighty, that he’s even sat in meetings with Fed Reserve Governors.

At this point, his audience might be thinking that he has the real secret for making millions of dollars from the stock market.

Is Joy of the Trade legit?

It is not legit. The website is basically selling snake oil which is why Mr. Jeff is claiming to be wealthy and knowledgeable in trading stocks.

joy of the trade review

The sales page of this website is made up of real marketing jargon.

There is no real life explanation of the strategy and performance that depicts Mr.Jeff’s trading prowess.

This is a pattern commonly followed by charlatans in the stock market arena.

Therefore, this website is not legit. It only sells promises.


Any trading guru that makes several promises that are obviously too good to be true is a carnival barker.

Mr.Jeff hopes to convince naive investors through invite-only webinars where he promises them how to become wealthy trading stocks with no losses.

The question you should ask him is whether he has a verifiable trading performance.

If he cannot produce one, then it means his method does not work. The reason he is selling the “ultimate trading system” is to make money from your ignorance.

This is the reason this product or service didn’t qualify in our list of recommended trading products and services.


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