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Jordan Limited Review: 5 Reasons why is a Scam

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Jordan Limited is a company that wants to ‘help you’ manage your funds and plan for your retirement. This company operates from the web address and claims to be head-quartered in Hong Kong. There is a PDF prospectus on their website which is password protected and you must speak with an ‘investment manager’ to view it.

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By investing with Jordan Limited, you are going to ‘reach your financial goals based on your needs’. They add! And the risk seems to be very low as this is a ‘needs-based’ investment approach. We’re looking at their track record and asking questions because Jordan Limited first appeared online in January 2022. The domain was however registered in 2004 by another person who seems to have sold it to the current owners.

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5 Reasons why Jordan Limited is a scam broker

This company is definitely not trustworthy. We will therefore list down the 5 points that point to the fact that Jordan Limited is a flimsy offer that you should not invest in.

Vague about us page

There’s no information on their website about who runs the company. Because these guys are going to handle our funds, we expected them to provide us with a detailed section of the company founder, directors (if any) and generally the experience of the people who are trading their clients funds. Instead the about us page of the Jordan Limited website is made up of a long paragraph of vague sentences.

No track record

The website ( launched its operations in 2022 and since then, we have not been shown any of the company’s verifiable performance records. The company just claims that they are implementing a ‘needs-based’ investment approach. Our concern is all about the track record of this company which they do not have anyway.

Jordan Limited has no investment manager license

This is so unfortunate. The company is not legally operating in Hong Kong. Even if it was true that the company is in the said address, we would be expecting a valid license from the Hong Kong Securities Regulator. But we can confirm that Jordan Limited is not authorized to provide financial services to the general public at large.

No customer reviews

Jordan Limited does not have consumer reviews and ratings. They have been around for a little over one year and if they are legitimate, we expect them to be serving active clients at the moment. Unfortunately this is a company with no reviews and we may therefore be hesitant to recommend it or invest in it ourselves as these questions are still unanswered.

Convoluted investment and fee structure

This company appears to want nothing to do with transparency. Their investment approach is unclear. This means we are unable to know how and where the investors’ money is being taken to. Their website just uses widgets of Forex and stocks market but this is for aesthetics only. It does not mean that these guys are investing in the said markets.

Conclusion of the review

We don’t have 100% certainty that this company is legitimate. In fact, all of the points above suggest that Jordan Limited is an investment scam that you do not want to get involved with. These “financial managers” are going to ruin you. They’re going to lie to you and if you fall for their high-pressure sales tactics, they will steal your lifetime savings. This is not something we want you to go through. If this sounds familiar or something that you’ve ever experienced, you should not give up especially now that help is here.

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