Jne Capital Review: Beware of jnecapitalgroup.com Scam

In this Jne Capital review, we provide factual insights about the broker jnecapitalgroup.com. In addition to this, we’re condemning their fraudulent activities, letting you know that this shady broker is actually operated by serial internet scammers.

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Jne Capital maintains anonymity just like BitcoinXE scam does. They’d like you to believe that Jne Capital Group is a legitimate Forex broker offering MT4 software for trading while protecting their customers’ funds.

They’re also pretending that Jne Capital Group is an Straight-through-processing (STP) broker offering ‘competetive spreads’ and minding the welfare of their customers in general.

This is not true because clearly a CFDs broker can neither be an STP nor an ECN broker. All the trades are settled inhouse rather than routed to the global financial exchange. This gives the broker 100% advantage over you. This is actually why you will lose your money to the broker who will happily smile to the bank ever after.

We’re emphasizing the fact that Jne Capital is a scam broker that will give you an awful trading experience instead.

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Jne Capital Group review and overview

We already know that these folks are deceitful and evasive. They won’t disclose any information about their company and website operations.

This is why they’re using a name like Jne Capital Financial Services Ltd which has never been registered or incorporated anywhere.

The broker has made sure that their country of operation or physical address are completely anonymous.

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No phone number or live chat on this website either. Most brokers (including scam brokers) have at least a phone number or a live chat where their customers can reach them in the shortest time possible.

By failing to include these features on their website, Jne Capital suggests that they’re a broker that will ghost you as soon as you transfer your deposit to their fraudulent platform. At this point, they’ll have nothing to do with you.

As usual, we tried checking out when this broker actually launched their fraudulent trading services online. Unfortunately, we hit a dead end because this broker is using a service that hides this information.

Their website states that JNE Capital Group has been in operation since the ‘industry’s infancy’.

This is pure hogwash. If this was true, they would have laid this information in the open for everyone to see. The truth is that this broker is very new and will disappear anytime soon once they accomplish their mission.

Their behavior is very consistent with the pattern that anonymous brokers follow. They pretend to be industry veterans when they’re just a fly-by-night operation.

In conclusion, Jne Capital is an anonymous and risky broker.

Jne Capital Group is an unregulated and unauthorized broker

This is the final nail on the coffin. In as much as this Jne Capital is talking about being an honest and transparent broker, their actions suggest the complete opposite.

Apart from hiding their country of operation, they have also failed to disclose their regulatory status.

We know that Forex brokers offering CFDs instruments for trading are regulated or at least required to hold a license that authorizes them to provide financial services.

This broker has completely ignored this topic. They’re breaching industry regulations because their agenda is to scam you and not to provide you with a legit trading environment.

Regulators stand on the way and this is the last thing that a scam like Jne Capital wants.

At this point it time, it’s quite evident that the broker is just creating an illusion that funds are safe on their platform.

How are traders’ funds protected if the broker is not authorized to provide trading services to anyone in this planet?

Wrapping it up

After all has been said and done, we’re still facing a situation where people who have read this review are safe while others are currently victims of the scam.

The best thing you can do (if you’re a victim of Jne Capital Group deception) is to enlist the help of a professional money recovery service.

If you pursue your funds on your own, we can assure you that the process will be time-consuming and chances of failure will be very high (especially if a long duration has passed since you lost funds to this broker). This is why you should seek help from the professionals who know the ins and outs of the banking industry.

That said, we also encourage comments about this broker since the internet does not have feedback about these folks just yet.

This will be an excellent opportunity to discuss your thoughts and opinion about Jne Capital Group.

Thanks for reading.

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