JL-finance Review: Is JL-finance.com a Scam?

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JL-finance provides market analysis, investment advice and Forex signals.

JL-finance.com is run by a one-man army who proclaims to be a professional trader.

The vendor is 100% anonymous which is really weird because they’re purporting to offer financial services and yet they don’t have a name, an address or an office.

This is even worse that forexsignals.cc, Carlos and Company, or FX jet pack.

JL-Finance com review

Additionally, we don’t know about their trading background since this has not been discussed either.

However, the owner of JL finance is managing this Telegram channel currently with 1,004 members.

They claim that they can give free trading signals. However, on the sales page, they offer 3 subscription packages for traders interested in Forex signals.

Although the vendor is anonymous, they can be contacted via live chat or using a “Gmail” address, jlfinance.info@gmail.com.

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JL-finance review

The owner of JL Finance claims that his method has been tried and tested by “major market analysts, thereby approving his successful formula”.

They also proclaim to have a vast financial background and that they want to ensure that our “financial present and future is in the path to success”.

These self-proclamations could be empty promises if the vendor cannot provide proof of trading success as alleged.

Furthermore, they expect traders to believe this vibe even if they can’t disclose their trading logic.

As a matter of fact, this lack of transparency makes JL Finance look corny.

To turn this around, the signal vendor would need to re-evaluate how they present their services to investors and traders out there.

Also, the sales page of JL Finance uses a minimalist approach which means there’s not a lot of information to help us understand their trading logic and strategies.

The sales page lacks an FAQ page to help with answering any questions that traders may have before trusting this service.

With this sort of presentation, I am left wondering whether JL-finance has any customers.

Btw, the vendor is currently spending his advertising budget on Google ads because their website does not have any significant traffic.

Most likely we will see reviews of JL-finance in the next few months when these ads have reached a number of people.

At this juncture, I cannot tell what their market analysis entails.

We don’t even know what Forex pairs they trade, what investing advisory service they give and so on.

Breakdown of JL-finance services

Forex pairs traded: ×

Investment advisor: ×

Frequency of Forex signals: 4 to 6 per day

Accuracy: 92%

Pricing: €27 per month to €68 (lifetime pack)

Looking at the breakdown of the nature of service offered here, I can only conclude that this vendor is a big fat joke.

JL-Finance review packages

JL-finance even claims that they provide between 600 to 1000 pips on a weekly basis.

At an astonishing win rate of 92%, it is quite obvious that we would all be millionaires in just a few months of using this service.

I would like to see transparency in the way JL-finance is presenting its financial and investing services to clients.

Think about it…..

If JL-finance cannot disclose their trading strategy or even tell clients how they manage risk, do you think the trading community will believe their purported win rate and pips allegedly achieved on a weekly basis?

This claim does not actually sound like something that can be verified.

Even JL-finance does not have proof of their alleged performance.

This brings us to the discussion of trading results.

Does JL-finance have any trading results or performance records to show investors who demand them upfront?

JL-finance trading results

From the word go, this service was disappointing in terms of how they speak to potential clients.

Even the worst internet markets in the Forex trading industry will cobble together something that looks like a page of documented results.

They would cheat clients by proclaiming that those trading results were attained by them.

JL-finance does not have any type of trading results on their website.

But even if they had provided these results, I would have been curious about details such as monthly returns, draw down, equity and so on.

The nitty gritty details are very important for those who are informed about trading.

I would like to see this vendor tracking their results on a third party statement sharing platform like myfxbook.com.

This way, we can get the details that we’re looking for. From the stats, we can even see whether JL-finance is scalping or swing trading.

We would also be in a position to see the number of pips that they’re attaining on a weekly basis.

We would then use this data to compare what we see on the sales page and what their myfxbook results tell us.


JL-finance sells a lifetime signals package for 68 euros.

Is this realistic?

Of course it doesn’t sound real.

Nobody can provide signals that win 600 to 1000 pips per week for 68 euros.

If their method really works, they would never sell it for cheap.

Instead of selling for 68 euros, I’m sure they would choose to keep their trading formula to themselves.

JL-finance does not have verified trading performance as well.

Lack of transparency is the greatest concern.

JL finance is also providing investment advisory service which I believe is a highly regulated service.

JL-finance is therefore an illegal service.

Thanks for reading this JL-finance review.

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