Review: Scam Copy Trading at Binance

Our review of discloses reasons as to why this copy trading platform is a scam and an illegal game.

I’m looking at creation date and realizing that the platform is more than 1 year old but the owners are anonymous anyway.

Jet-bot’s website proclaims that they have over 6k customers who are happy with their service. However, these figures cannot be verified.

The website is intelligently designed and features “top performing bots” from “various traders”. But this information is also dubious.

It is almost going the route of Coinmatics, another suspicious Crypto copy trading platform that promises profits and zero losses.

What is more, they’ve posted a couple of “profit videos” where supposed members allegedly made a lot of money from copy trading with

Keep in mind that there are many platforms like these on the internet, and almost 90% of them are a scam. That is why we have a hard time including into our list of recommended Crypto trading services.

If you want to copy-trade and make reasonable profits (not get-rich quick kind of profit), we advice you to check out our list of all time favorite trading and investing products.

Jet-bot Review: Their offer to investors

They want you to create a Binance account, deposit funds there and connect your account to your new Jet Bot account via an API.

Although there is a free 3 day trial, Jet-bot owners feel that this is sufficient length of time for testing their bots. They believe that a 1 year subscription is the best way to go.

Currently, the pricing is as follows:

1.$7.99 per month….. Binance Broker

2.$27 per month……Beginner

3. $41 per month….. Basic

4. $62 per month… Extended

With any of these packages, investors will get access to Futures and spot bots. However, for extra features, investors are required to purchase the higher plans which gives them access to more leverage, exchange connection, strategies etc.

Jet-bot promises +21% monthly returns in passive earnings. All that investors have to do is choose a plan and money will start to roll in on auto-pilot, thanks to 24/7 copy trading on auto-pilot.

They guarantee safety of funds with no risk of liquidation. Access to their Telegram platform is also offered but this is restricted to the “Extended” plan which costs $62 monthly. is obviously marketing this platform through exaggeration of profit figures. Furthermore, this is one of the most expensive Binance copy trading platform that we’ve seen in recent times.

The reason we call it expensive is because we’re not guaranteed of the profit just yet, despite the site announcing high daily profits as a “guarantee”. Review: Their promise to traders

As a trader, you can sign up and start creating your strategies. You will earn a commission when “Investors” copy your strategies.

It’s not clear what advantages Jet Bot would be offering that other mainstream copy trading platforms are not providing.

The platform also promises to “list the top strategies” on their homepage so that investors can see them.

Why this Binance Copy trading platform is likely a scam

Remember that it is owned by an anonymous persons. Even though they list the “most profitable bots” on their website, the owner refused to verify the performance figures.

They have also refused to explain how they arrive at their calculations to determine what is profitable from what is not.

We’ve also noticed that most of the so-called top bots were created by the admin of the website and not traders as purported.

This is obviously a game that is meant to defraud investors.

Another issue that we have against this site is that they are known to block people who ask the difficult questions on their Telegram account.

Negative comments or criticism is also not accepted. These are deleted with immediate effect.

The Conclusion

The website is another too good to be true copy trading platform that promises extremely good yet fabricated returns.

Anyone who connects their Binance account to this scam platform will wake up to huge losses because there is no expert trader on this platform, just fake bots created by the admins to rob you of your money.

Avoid like the plague.