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iTradeaims Review: I Trade AIMs is a Scam!

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Welcome to the itradeaims review. The website is offering a ”profitable trading system” that will make traders live the $100,000 lifestyle.

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It is allegedly owned by Immy Yousafzai who claims that he has been professionally trading since 2009.

Immy is also claiming to be a professional trader living in Birmingham, UK.

The system he is selling at is supposed to help traders generate 6 figure income because it’s powerful and it takes away emotions from trading so that traders can let their profitable trades run while loses are cut earlier on.

iTrade AIMs also claims that the system they offer has tricks and hacks for the trader’s mind and soul.

This supposedly powerful Forex trading system goes for $297 only.

If you can afford to pay this amount of money, you will allegedly become rich as this is trading system is the holy grail of Forex trading.

We’ve looked at the entire presentation at iTrade AIMs and resolved to write a review of the same.

From what we can see on this landing page, we believe that iTrade AIMs is a pure scam.

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itradeaims Review

iTrade AIMs promises the millionaire lifestyle instead of getting into the specifics concerning how the system works in order to generate the alleged returns.

They claim that traders will hit their target with no extra effort.

itradeaims review

Besides, they claim that traders will be successful with minimal work and that everyone who uses itradeaims will be successful.

They want traders to believe that this is a very simple trading system that has been proven to work.

There’s no proof at all that iTrade AIMs has been endorsed as a viable trading system.

To mislead traders and make them purchase the dubious trading method, the owner of iTrade AIMs uses a statement from a motivational speaker known as Tony Robbins.

This guy says if you want to be successful, you must find a system that works, learn the method that works and apply the formula.

The reason I stopped listening to these motivational speakers is because they preach water but drink wine.

If the things they advise were simple to do and realistic enough, they wouldn’t be making their money off motivational speaking. They’d simply use those tips to make money for themselves.

Anyway, this is not a post about Tony Robbins. It’s about a scam called iTrade AIMs.

The sales page is quite lengthy but not substance can be found there to convince us that this is a genuine trading system.

iTrade AIMs trading system is promoted based on claims and allegations rather than facts.

For example, when the sales man claims that iTradeAIMs is a winning and hugely profitable trading system, we expect them to provide us with information concerning the trading logic, the tool and past performance to verify that indeed this is a 6 figure income trading system.

Unfortunately, the scam does not provide this information. It only relies on an aggressive sales pitch to make traders purchase it without really knowing what the’re doing.

More reasons why iTrade AIMs is a scam

The owner of this Forex trading scam is selling you snake oil.

He is emphasizing on discipline and trading without emotions which he claims are the backbone of his magical trading system.

On top of this, he is promoting a 3 Months coaching program called The T20 Challenge.

This coaching program has 3 stages which traders must go through.

The first stage involves guiding traders on how to get started while observing discipline.

In the second stage, iTrade AIMS provides a trading method known as AIMS The Hunt.

When traders reach the third stage, they’ll have discovered what type of traders they are and can develop their own trading strategies within the confines of AIMs methodologies.

itradeaims review scam

This mumbo jumbo gets us nowhere as the vendor is neither willing to provide a description of their strategy nor provide proof in form of trading results.

Moreover, if this system works as claimed on the sales page, it wouldn’t cost $297.

I am not a believer of things that sound too good to be true.

So it only makes sense that those who have magical trading systems which they use to make their 6 figure income should sell them for a hefty price.

If they don’t sell their systems, they don’t make any loss anyway.

By the way, it even makes sense to trade with their own systems without sharing with the world.

It beats logic for a snake oil marketer to claim that they have a magical trading systems and yet they sound so desperate to make a sale.

itradeaims uses tricks to manipulate traders

It is easy to get manipulated by such websites because their marketing is so good that a naive trader would never think twice.

I’ve seen a lot of these scams before. They even use count down timers to make you think that price will double in the next few hours if you don’t take advantage then.

To manipulate traders further, these scams even give you a 60 day money back guarantee.

The truth is you cannot rely on these money back guarantees from dishonest marketers.

I believe that most traders don’t have enough time to chase a refund. It’s not like you’ll ask your money and get it anyhow.

You have to provide reasons why you need a refund and believe you me, the scammer will find reasons not to refund your money.

iTradeaims review: it’s a scam

This is the final word.

iTrade AIMs is a scam because even when we want to see the trading performance of the system, we are not allowed to.

It’s like this; there’s no trading performance to back the alleged 6 figure income lifestyle.

That is the definition of scam…. just in case you didn’t know.

I’ve reviewed trading operations (examples include Tradesight,, Proact traders etc) and realized that they’re all using the same aggressive marketing tactics.

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t spend your money buying a useless product like iTrade Aims.

The owner of this website isn’t selling you anything. They are selling you snake oil.

They are manipulating your feelings to make you think you will become a millionaire with their system.

Truth is this is not a trading system that can make any profit. Stay away from the scam.

If you need to learn about Forex trading, go to this website and find the right material to buy.

But don’t rely on shiny scams like iTrade AIMs.

Thanks for reading this review.

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