Irins Expert Advisor Review: 80% to 100% Monthly or Scam?

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Irins Expert Advisor is a new Forex robot by a group called IrinsExpert.

We do not know much about this group but they claim to be a team of professional programmers and technical analysts providing a perfect and flawless algorithm for their Irins Expert Advisor.

They actually claim that Irins Expert Advisor is the best Forex robot in 2020. Proving this statement is difficult!

On top of that, the vendor is guaranteeing a monthly ROI of between 80% to 100%.

These bold claims should be backed by concrete myfxbook performance so we can make the right decision.

A license costs $197 but if we want unlimited licences, the vendor will give it for $1,297.

Nevertheless, these guys claim to have a top-notch trading system that will shock the entire market.

They even claim that other traders have proven the performance of their expert advisor.

We still wonder who these traders are since we have not found a single person who uses this expert advisor for their trading.

However, we have a number of guys who have found success using our most recommended Forex trading products and services.

Is Irins Expert Advisor legit?

Apart from the unrealistic profit claims which this vendor has posted on their sales page, we see a number of features listed on the website for our viewing pleasure.

Irins Expert Advisor review

These features include the ability of this Forex robot to handle trading in all timeframes, trade with default settings, avoid requotes or trade using stealth mode where stop loss is hidden and AI is behaving like human.

We appreciate these features but they don’t tell us how Irins Expert Advisor is going to convert them to our bottom line.

The aim is to automate our trades and make money since the developer claims we can trade full time using this robot.

The only thing they say is that Irins Forex robot trades all markets whether trending or moving in a sideways manner.

It also includes hedging capabilities.

They’ve also provided a myfxbook account to view their trading results.

Upon analyzing this account, we found out that the vendor was no longer trading this account.

Trading with this expert advisor was done for a short period of time between October and December 2018.

During this time, monthly return was 57% while drawdown was 43.36%.

From the results, we can see that this is not a good Forex robot as it takes greater risk to chase quick returns.

Also, not all profits we see in this Forex broker account came from the expert advisor’s trading activities.

This is a trick that shady vendors may use to give the impression that their product is profitable.


We’re not happy with the results of Irins Expert Advisor.

Demo licenses are free and there is no expiry.

The problem with trial is that it will never give you a complete picture of performance assuming the market is behaving the same way throughout your testing.

The bottom line is that we don’t recommend Irins EA.

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