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iqbinaryinvestment Review: Just a Scam!

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Welcome to the iqbinaryinvestment review. IQ Binary Investment is advertising an opportunity to trade BTC and CFDs for profits.

This platform has a demo account that can only be used when account is funded.

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This is quite weird as we’ve never heard of brokers who want a deposit to enable traders access demo trading features.

Furthermore, the minimum amount that one can withdraw is $500.

Given the nature of binary options, it is obvious that none of those traders who sign up will ever reach this withdrawal threshold.

Another restrictive clause says traders must reach 100% turnover from deposit amount in order to be qualify for withdrawals.

The following is a breakdown of how IQ Binary Investment is intending to “help you invest”.

Assets for tradingMin depositPlatform
Regular CFDs and options trading$250Strange web platform
Quick summary of IQ Binary Investment products

Is iqbinaryinvestment legit broker?

No, they are not a legitimate broker. First of all, IQ Binary Investment does not disclose who they are, where they are based at and whether or not they are regulated.

If you want to invest, find reliable trading products and services first even before thinking of a broker.

iqbinaryinvestment review

When a website purporting to be a broker is providing financial services without this disclosure, chances are high that it is a scam.

Also, they claim payouts of contracts are up to 95%. With the restrictive conditions that they have in place, we do not think traders will ever receiving any money from this fraudulent scheme.

The truth about IQ Binary Investment

Apart from being an obvious scam, the anonymous admin of this website is basically targeting the financially naive.

Binary options trading is very controversial and about 90% of brokers who offer them are a scam.

The conditions they’ve set are unachievable. All withdrawals will be denied with an excuse of traders not meeting KYC requirements.

Ultimately, nobody is allowed to get his money back from this platform. Once a user sends the equivalent amount of Bitcoin to these fraudsters, they will never see their money again.


Every time we write reviews, we have to deal with at least one fraudulent website claiming to offer financial service or investment advice.

We do not see how different iqbinaryinvestment is from fraudulent sites like 3xcapital or Endless Profit FX.

Avoid iqbinaryinvestment and you’ll be fine. Fall into their trap by sending your $250 and you will end up with tears rather than a solid investment.

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