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This review of aka Intelligence Prime Capital reveals disturbing details concerning the company and its operations. In case you’ve been scammed by this broker or are looking for more reliable ways to invest, you should seek our advice from this page. 

Meanwhile, Intelligence Prime Capital’s website is full of red flags that makes us question their authenticity.

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The company is offering Forex & CFDs trading services, AI trading bot called AIA Bot system and an asset management platform called IPCloud.

Furthermore, Intelligence Prime Capital says that they are associated with HLK Group which is supposed to act as the umbrella company for this entity and several others.

It would therefore look like this broker is operating under the licensing authorization of HLK Group.

However, on the HLK Group website, a warning is served stating that HLK Group is not associated with several companies that are claiming otherwise and one of those entities that HLK Group has distanced itself from is

Could this mean that this brokerage is actually taking us for a ride and must never be trusted? Yes, this is the case.

Intelligence Prime Capital Review – website is

The first impression on their platform is a cheaply done website as some texts and images are overlapping each other and not looking professional.

I would never trust a fintech company whose website does not have the kind of professional touch expected of them. That is actually the reason people are recommending this asset management company because apart from their site looking good, they are known to actually deliver their promises as stated on their homepage. 

Also, some of their most important pages have a coming soon status despite the company announcing 15 years of existence and that they’re offering 1250+ instruments for trading in addition to a WebTrader which they refer to as “proprietary trading platform”.

When I look at them using a fine lens, I can see several lies in every page where they’ve published text. One of the lies is that they created an award-winning trading software called IPCapitalGo.

We’ve never seen or heard of this award-winning software. No clients have ever left a feedback regarding this imaginary award-winning software.

The company also lies that they are regulated in Europe, Australia, Japan and several other companies.

But as far as licensing is concerned, Intelligence Prime Capital aka is not regulated in either of these countries.

Intelligence Prime Capital’s marketing strategy convinces naive investors otherwise

WikiFX has been deemed to be the most reliable source of information when it comes to validating Forex brokers. This does not seem to be the case anymore.

WikiFX is actually approving and validating, but due dilligence on this broker reveals that they are a scam and not licensed in any way.

The reviews platform is also faking an ASIC license yet iprimecapital has none.

This is what I call clever marketing strategy with conflict of interest because once their pockets are lined, the platform can easily ruin its reputation, just like TrustPilot did.

Ultimately, Intelligence Prime Capital is only marketing its services as legitimate but the truth is that they are a scam.

The Conclusion

Now that you know it’s a scam, avoid it. If they’ve scammed you or you are looking for reliable ways to trade or invest, you should take advantage of our options here. 

Best regards and thanks for reading our review.

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