Review: Crypto Scam! - Review: Crypto Scam!

Invicster is claiming to be a reliable Cryptocurrency advisory and long-term investment group.

Invicster peddles 6 investment packages where returns can go up to 138% in 11 days.

Promotional materials on the website even claims that BTC returns are anywhere from 6% to 38%.

The homepage has even listed a number of “Blockchain transactions” to create the impression that investors are sending and withdrawing money from this platform.

Is Invicster legit

It is not a genuine investment platform. If you want to make money from trading Crypto, use products and services that have a track record of helping traders succeed.

They do not hold a license from any financial regulator.

invicster review

This means that your money won’t be safe with Invicster.

The website is owned by anonymous people and their location is also unknown.

How do you trust these guys with your money?


The online scoundrel that runs this bitcoin ponzi scheme will neither return your Bitcoin nor interest from your deposit.

Bitcoin cannot be multiplied and neither do people get overnight riches by investing with these shady websites.

Avoid this scam at all cost.

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