Review: The Scam that’s Registered with the SEC

Welcome to the InvestView review.

InvestView Inc is a company that peddles financial products, targeting individuals, accredited investors and financial institutions.

They promote the company as a “no license required” financial Consultants.

InvestView owns, SafeTek,, Wealth Generators, currently Kuvera Global.

Kuvera Global started out as a stock investment advisory service.

In the wake of Cryptocurrency mining in 2017, Kuvera Global started offering internet users the opportunity to mine Bitcoins.

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Kuvera Global hustled investors up to the tune of $4,999 in the name of purchasing Crypto mining contracts.

They were to return up to 1200 ROI after the investment period expired.

Surprisingly, InvestView, the parent company, is a SEC-registered company but their operation suggest that they are basically an MLM business.

Investview reviews

What is Apex Tek Global and The Apex Group have in common?

First and foremost, they are a subsidiary of InvestView Inc and secondly, they’re offering some sort of financial product.

Apex Tek Global claims to provide proprietary high-powered hardware and A.I. software for high-speed data processing.

On the other hand, the Apex Group is offering a number of investment products to the general public.

These include investment in;

  • Hedge and mutual funds
  • Managed accounts
  • Private equity and real estate
  • Hybrid funds
  • And “fund of funds”

Is InvestView a legit investment operation or a sophisticated scam?

Well, in this InvestView review, we will let you know whether it is a viable opportunity or not.

InvestView review

The company is trading under the stock ticker, INVU. 

This does not say much about the credibility of InvestView Inc.

So we will be digging deeper to establish whether their financial and investment services are within the confines of the law.

As a SEC-registered company, InvestView is responsible for reporting their activities to the SEC.

However, in their regulatory filings, they’ve failed to mention Kuvera Global, the Apex Group and any of their affiliated entities which are purporting to offer passive ROI investment opportunities.

We suspect that this has everything to do with changing the original name of Kuvera Global.

InvestView cites Joseph Cammarata as the CEO, Annette Raynor as the COO and Mario Romano as the director of finance.

The company is registered with the BBB but their profile does not have any feedback from the public.

On their website, they suggest that InvestView is providing Financial tools, research and technology to change the world.

InvestView’s official website is primarily being used as a PR platform where all announcements regarding their affiliated businesses are made.

There is a good reason as to why the company decided to register InvestView with the SEC but not mention their other affiliated businesses.

InvestView Review: the truth

On the regulatory side of things, what we’re interested in is the mention of their Apex Group financial investment opportunity.

Seeing that the company is offering various investment products through their many outlets, it’s only proper for them to highlight these in their SEC filings.

Here’s a list of all their SEC filings. In that list, we don’t find any mention of the name Apex Group and what they do at Apex Group.

The only thing they did was to mention their Kuvera Global business opportunity where they claimed that this website was offering tools and information that could improve the financial health of the general public.

They failed to mention their mining contracts and yet this is exactly the type of service they were offering at the time.

Kuvera Global mining contracts were and are still considered securities, which must therefore be disclosed to the SEC in their filings.

We’re perturbed by the company’s lack of disclosure for the specifics of what they do with regards to their SEC filings.

They were also offering stock trading signals but obscuring this fact with the element of Crypto currency mining.

At this point, we should conclude that it does not matter what this company is doing or not doing.

We see that their website acts as the face of many businesses they do from behind the curtains.

What they offer on most of their websites are services that promise passive income or ROI to investors.

These services need to be disclosed in their regular SEC filings.

The regulator is either turning a blind eye on this securities fraud or is totally not aware of what other businesses that InvestView Inc is engaging in.


InvestView is a publicly traded company but don’t be fooled by this. It’s not a sign of legitimacy.

If you combine a publicly traded company with securities fraud business activities, you end up with a time bomb waiting to explode.

Thanks for reading the InvestView review. We look forward to your comments and reviews.

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