Review: Sophisticated SCAM broker is the more popular version of scam. Both websites are pretending to offer Forex and CFDs for trading. They are operated by another grand scam called is claiming to be a company incorporated in Belize and licensed by the Securities Commission in Belize. Nevertheless, this licensing does not mean much due to weak financial regulations in the country. This is why the fraudsters are able to get away with people’s money. If you’re a serious Forex and CFDs trader, your best bet is with these highly recommended brokers. Why?

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Because these Forex and CFDs brokers are regulated by serious oversight authorities and they also provide real ECN trading environment that accommodate any professional trading system or signals service. So if you’re looking for a good broker or trading system, education or signals, your search must end here.

Meanwhile, Investous is such an embarrassement because they don’t fulfill any of the promises which they make on their website. The broker offers 4 different account types with the aim of stealing the most amount of money from its victims. For a minimum deposit of $250, Investous will let you open a live trading account on their website. However, if you want to “upgrade” to enjoy “friendlier” trading conditions, you will be forced to part with $25,000. This will be the beginning of your problems.

Investous Review: The bad reviews

Usually I don’t start my reviews by discussing the bad side of a scam site. This should come in the end. However, it’s a matter of urgency, so pay attention.

Investous is indeed a Belize-based Forex and CFDs broker. As I have said, the parent company of the scam is running 3 websites at the same time where they pretend to offer legitimate Forex and CFDs trading services. is a broker and at the same time a company — this is how they run the business. Through Investous and, the company has managed to scam plenty of people across the internet.

There are multiple complaints on the web showing that this broker is cold calling victims and insisting that victims should upgrade account to make a lot of money. The pressure sales calls are hard to ignore if you don’t know the voice of a scammer.

Some people have caved in to the pressure by wiring thousands of dollars to this nest of thieves. The result has always been negative.

What to do if you’ve been scammed by Investous

Truth is, many people suffer in silence because they think money lost may never be recovered. Good thing is that even if you report your case to the law enforcement agencies, you can still use a professional money recovery company to initiate the chargeback process for you. It is tedious but worth it especially if you have lost a lot of money. The live chat function below this website can help you get started.

Investous leverage, trading platform and other fees

The platform does not provide information about leverage. The trading platform that they offer is the popular MT4. This software is commonly offered for Forex and CFDs trading and does not indicate that a broker will not scam or manipulale your trades.

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The MT4 trading platform is however much better than those scripts that crooks run on websites like Stark Wealth and Tradedwellterm. But you should only use an MT4 Forex broker if they have a valid license and a good reputation to back them up.

Keep in mind that a little criticism is normal for a company. However, if you start to see accusations of broker not processing withdrawal requests, then its’s a sure red flag. Run!

One thing I don’t like about is that the company is too expensive to trade with (assuming they were legit many people would have avoided them still).

Typical floating spreads for EURUSD start at 1.6 pips. The basic account type where the minimum deposit is $250 is much costlier as pips are in the 3.0 zone for the same pair.

Do you see that these guys are determined to steal from you?

The Conclusion, investmarkets and the company, are a big scam. Their licensing is nothing which is why they are so courageous when it comes to stealing your money.

They are not a serious broker despite pretending to care for their traders. Avoid them and thank you for reading this review. If you have a comment, please share that feedback with the community below this review.

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