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Investment Scout24 Review: Scam Broker at

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Investment Scout24 is an illegal and unregulated financial broker operating from the website

In this review, we describe why Investment Scout24 is a scam that should be avoided at all cost.

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Investment Scout24 review

Like we have said initially, Investment Scout24 is an unregulated broker who is also using the name AnlageScout24.

The issue with a unregulated broker or financial services is that they are prone to abusing regulatory requirements.

Most of the time these companies disappear with people’s investments, and it’s for this reason that we ask you to stay away from AnlageScout24.

If you want to know whether a broker is legitimate or not, you should be able to easily determine their level of transparency.

For example, details of their CEO should be easily available. If you can’t find details of the person who is running the operations of the company, then this is a serious red flag.

For that reason, we feel that Investment Scout24 is just a dangerous investment company masquarading as a CFDs broker.

Are your funds safe with Investment Scout24?

Lack of transparency and the fact that AnlageScout24 is not regulated means your funds are not safe in the hands of this broker.

As a matter of fact, ensuring that funds are safe and can be withdrawn without fuse is the biggest problem of these unregulated financial entities.

The major red flag that we picked on the AnlageScout24 website was the fact that they are withholding critical information from their clients.

With lack of a license, the company can also cause massive losses by going bankrupt and not compensating investors since they are not members of any compensation scheme like some of the European regulated brokers.

The Conclusion

Avoid AnlageScout24 at all cost. They do not have your best interest at heart. If you got scammed by Investment Scout24, check out the CHARGEBACK PROCESS HERE.

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