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Investment Mastery Review: Marcus de Maria Events a Scam!

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Welcome to the Investment Mastery review. aka IM is owned and operated by Marcus de Maria. The trading school has been around since 2004. Marcus also owns where he peddles “highly profitable trading strategies”.

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The question to ask is whether this trading educator has a verified track record of trading? At the moment, David Jafee of Best Stock Strategy is doing a great job. I’d recommend his trading school as opposed to Investment Mastery because I’ve personally seen him help students become professional options and stock traders.

If Marcus De Maria wants us to trust his skills, he should at least demonstrate his trading on a live account even if it’s for 3 days only. Why are his events all about theory and not hands-on experience on a live account?

Investment Mastery Review

In the following section of this Investment mastery review, I will list down some commonly used phrases on the internet when searching for information about this Forex and stock trading school.

The financially unsophisticated somehow believe that every stock trading school is authentic and so this one too must be one of those authentic schools in London.

Take a look at the following phrases:

  • Stock market investing mastery review
  • Investment mastery events
  • Investment mastery Europe support
  • Investment mastery compounding
  • Stock market investing mastery review
  • Marcus de Maria Cryptocurrency
  • Marcus de Maria lunchtime trader
  • Marcus de Maria Seminar

The reason I listed the phrases above is to rank this post so it can reach everyone who might be looking for a review of Marcus de Maria and his Investment Mastery.

What exactly does Marcus De Maria offer at Investment Mastery?

Marcus de Maria claims to be a Forex and stock trading guru with 16 years of experience.

However, out of the 16 years, he claims to have spent 10 years coaching thousands of students.

I’m thinking that if this is the case, must be the most popular address on the internet but this seems not to be the case.

Either Marcus de Maria has a bunch of other websites (besides IM and running in parallel to each other or he is just being a good marketer.

He claims that he knows the strategies for investing in the Forex and stock market safely and profitably.

Actually students who come here are promised a risk of no more than 1% of their account.

He also claims to have taught students how to invest in the financial markets for just 20 minutes a day.

It’s not clear for how long these courses or events run.

However, in one of the pages on his website where people book seats for the events, he claims that this is a one day event which will be hosted in London on the 25th of January 2020.

The old adage of “if it is too good to be true, it often is” must really apply to these Investment mastery seminars.

Trading boils down to human psychological factors.

If these seminars teach people about technical indicators (nearly all of them do) and the fundamentals of trading, one cannot grasp this by taking notes in one day of sitting in an event.

You must understand how and why a trading system works. This comes at a price.

“Trading gurus” will charge you a certain $$$ figure to deliver their repackaged trading courses but what you have to ask yourself is whether the trading educator can demonstrate successful trading in a live account.

And certainly this cannot be grasped in one day. Anything that sounds like you can master trading and investing in a day’s event is definitely a scam.

So what’s the cost of this Investment Mastery event?

It costs £47 but in some forums, people claim to have paid in excess of £1500 which catered for a couple of days at the trading seminars.

This begs the question of whether Investment Mastery events have some charges which are not discussed upfront.

If the cost of this “Life-changing” event is £47, there must be other hidden costs associated with learning under Marcus de Maria.

It sounds too good to be true because there’s no way a successful trader can coach you for a few bucks.

Do you think if George Soros or Paul Tudor Jones would charge pennies if they decided to teach people how to invest in the Forex and futures market?

The answer is NO. They wouldn’t. They would charge an arm and a leg?

So why are these supposedly experienced trading gurus like Marcus de Maria charging £47 for something they claim will give you the secrets to becoming financially-free?

It certainly sounds too good to be true.

What does Investment Mastery (IM) offer?

The events are about Forex and stock trading plus investing.

Marcus de Maria claims that he teaches students how to trade and invest in Stock, Forex, Gold, Silver, Commodities and China markets using simple, low risk and proven trading strategies.

He advises traders who don’t have much time to trade stocks while those who have at least 30 minutes a day to spare can trade the FX market.

According to Marcus, the common denominator is how much time one has. He has allegedly customized trading and investing strategies suitable for everyone’s lifestyle and financial goals.

The following lessons are offered in those events:

  • Price Cost Average (fully automated system)
  • Value cost averaging (takes 20 min a month)
  • Buy/Sell zone (20 minutes a week)
  • Buffalo trading (20 minutes a day)
  • Leveraged Trading (20 minutes a day)

At least this information makes us believe that Marcus is not going to bombard us with information overload.

But what exactly is this thing that people learn in just 20 minutes a day or a month to become financially-free?

That’s the big question.

Food for thought: questions about IM

If you can turn nice profits from trading (say 5% a month like Marcus puts it), don’t you think you can concentrate on trading and not get involved in marketing at all?

If a seminar or event at Investment Mastery could take as little as 20 minutes a day to make you a millionaire in a few years, don’t you think everyone would be cruising in a Ferrari?

Why would Marcus de Maria even bother marketing his trading school?

These trading educators make no sense at all.

The information they provide are mostly repackaged and sourced freely from the internet.

They make you pay for a “Master Course”, then “super pro master trading course”, then another “Wealth Creator course”, then “secret wealth creator”, and so on.

They love to use gimmicky names to make you believe they’re offering the next big thing.

Marcus de Maria of Investment Mastery is doing almost a similar thing to the following trading schools:


BK Forex

Van Tharp Institute

Online Trading Academy

And the list goes on…..

There’s always a colorful carrot dangled on the next seminar and the following seminar after that.

The next seminar is always going to lead you to financial freedom which seems to be ever elusive as “trading gurus” sell you additional seminars and trading courses to get you to the promised land.

It does not end. But you eventually give up when you have stretched your budget and the marketer has pocketed all your money.


The owner of Investment Mastery should provide their live trading performance because this is the only proof that a trading educator trades for a living.

Otherwise, we should just assume that Marcus de Maria is yet another fake trading guru.

The seminars can be good but what good is it for if no one has ever converted that information into cash-flow?

If the supposed trading guru who dishes out that info for thousands of dollars cannot demonstrate their knowledge of the same, they are simply conning you.

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5 Comment on this post

  1. He makes people who attend his seminars to not discuss anything that happens inside or else they face a large fine, I believe it was 100.000 euros. After you attend his 57£ seminar he sells his next seminar for only 300£ and once you attend that one he sells yet another seminar for 2000£ and so fourth, after that he even claimed that you could pay 5000£ for “inside information” about companies to “invest” in. Unfortunately he is great at marketing and protecting his scams.

  2. Care to publish your name and source of information used in this article?

    If you are so sure about your claims you’d have no issues with doing so.

  3. The person who wrote this I will assume is a hater or haven’t tried the course. This review is giving a misconception, that’s all I’m saying.

  4. Their Lifetime course is not lifetime anymore and my access to the forum is removed. When I signed my agreement there was nothing about a 6 year max limit and this has since been added. You should honour the agreements people have paid and signed up for lifetime and lifetime should mean exactly that lifetime access to the calls and trading clubs.

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