Review: ATLIS Electric Truck SCAM

In this review, we prove that is a scam that seeks to collect small monies here and there from a lot of investors.

We will explain. But first, you can RETRIEVE everything that you have ‘invested’ in this company HERE. As a matter of fact, the company won’t return your deposit so this is the only way to recover your lost money.

Just like Nikola Trucks which walked away with a cool 2 billion USD, Investinatlismotorvehicles is the ‘legal way’ of scamming people. There is no prototype truck. The cell technology which they claim to have invented is questionable.

And there’s also a similarity between this company’s website and Investinatlis. Between the two, who is copying who? It’s clearly that the two websites are copying each other word for word and also in terms of the idea which they’re using to scam investors.

Is Atlis Motors (Investinatlismotorvehicles) legit?

We look at the numbers and we start to ask questions. The company is supposedly valued at $385 million. They have only raised $16.95 million. 

They want to create a billion dollar worth of technology. Who is fooling who?

The company Atlis Motors is also running an incentives and bonuses program. The sooner you invest after the launch, the more incentives you will get in terms of share percentage.

Also, the more money you pump into the Atlis Motors company, the more the incentives and perks become attractive.

In one of Investinatlismotorvehicles’ investing plans, they urge people to put in 25K to receive ‘3 months of free ownership’ and service subscription.

The question is, what ownership are you receiving for those 3 months. Also, we would like to know what kind of service the company is currently offering because at the moment, the supposed electric prototype truck is just fart in the air.

No electric truck despite Investinatlismotorvehicles claiming that it will be produced in 2022. We are almost into 2023 and the company still has nothing yet.

So, is Atlis Motors legit? Well, just the team members seem legit. But the entire project is a big package of a scam.

Atlis Motors fooling you

In a recent comment that appeared in our Investinatlis review, Mark Hanchett (the CEO) of the company suggested that they had made very big strides.

He also claimed that Investinatlis was indeed a scam. I sent an email to Investinatlis and the reply was tracked and found to have originated somewhere else and not inside the company’s premises.

Now, the question is this; if it is indeed true that Investinatlismotorvehicles has nothing to do with Investinatlis, why is the company not sueing them for copying their idea?

Why are they so comfortable when another ‘imposter’ is using details of their company to scam individuals? This is the biggest red flag.

Secondly, Atlis Motors is claiming that they’ve created a cell technology that can charge in 15 minutes and power an electric truck with a towing capacity of 35,000 pounds over a distance of 500 miles.

This is ridiculous. We need to use some common sense to evade some of these scams.

35,000 pounds is the weight of 5 heavy trucks combined. There is no such techology and if it had been innovated, we believe this would have come from big brands that have manufactured vehicles for years, not a startup trying to collect a few pennies here and there.

That aside, Atlis Motors still says it will go public. But when? Nobody knows the answer?

Is the battery that powers the XT pickup ready? Again the answer is no, but the website still claims that their goal was to launch it in 2021.

In short, guys are investing in something they have never seen and will never see. There are a lot of controversies here. Review: The conclusion

A company will collapse if it does not have enough funds. The success of such a start up depends on how good they are at raising funds.

What if they fail to raise enough funds? Will they refund investors? The answer is a resounding NO. And there will be no grounds for sueing the scam.

This is why we told you this company is using the legal way to scam investors. Everything is fishy about this company. Just stay away.