InvestFX Review: Is Legit?

InvestFX is a trading school that offers technical analysis, signals and market commentary services. Invest FX is operating from the website which does not appear to be the right choice for the service as the letter c on the domain is awkward.

The service is operated out of Dar es Salaam, which is a very rare thing to see because most of these signal providers are either from America, Europe or Australia. While they appear to be a serious trading service, considering the professionalism that is found on their website, we still wonder why InvestFX is offering lifetime membership rather than subscription-based service.

If the signals and trading education is that good, I don’t believe the owners could be selling them for a one-time fee. Now, after making considerations, we still find it quite difficult including them in our list of trading and investing services.

InvestFX ( Review

The vendor wants to help us save time and secondly, they promise that trading will be done with ease if we pay for the service.

Invest FX wants traders to believe that their education content is first-class. Consequently, they offer a number of services inside their 3 packages. These include:

  1. Public and private telegram channel/group
  2. Market commentary
  3. Trade setups and signals
  4. Online course and one-on-one trading sessions
  5. Fundamental and technical analysis

InvestFX also has a free plan but with restricted features and benefits. For example, traders on the free plan will miss out on the “sniper call” service, which is basically signal alerts that the vendor will send from time to time.

The premium plans are also giving out daily market breakdown while the free plan does not come with this benefit.

The one-time fee is $499.

This begs the question of how the vendor is able to keep offering this service in the future when traders can only pay once and keep using the service forever. It is not realistic.

Invest FX Trading performance

Whereas the mentorship service appears to focus more on price action and technical analysis, InvestFX is not providing us with proof of what they’ve attained since launching the service.

The service was created back in 2019, and it’s my belief that these guys have been trading live accounts since then.

If not, then our question should be why this is not so when they are even offering daily market commentary.

A good signal vendor must put his money where his mouth is. Unfortunately, InvestFX does not provide us with any performance data.

They make no such attempts, which is why we feel that it might not be worth using the service.

The Conclusion

InvestFX is more or less like Profit Forex Signals because they leave us wondering whether we should trust them or not.

Now that they have a professionally-designed website, it was only appropriate to put everything in order.

We would like to read your comments about this service because we don’t believe that these guys are profitable traders. We feel that a newbie would gain a lot from the education but when it comes to consistency in trading and making returns, Invest FX would give you a raw deal instead.