Review: Avoid Intro Trade Scam Broker (Recover your Money) is a very fancy scam that is hard to detect as the crooks use stealth tactics. So if you lost your money to this broker or any other investment scam on the internet, VISIT THIS PAGE to learn how to recover your lost funds (we have some instructions for you).

Intro Trade masquarades as a Forex and CFDs broker offering tradeable instruments like precious metals, currencies, indices and so much more. But we know that they are lying to investors, hence the reasons we cannot recommend using their service even if you have the best trading tools for professionals.

They use flowery language such as ‘We have become a real breakthrough in the field of investing and we are now ready to show you a new world of real financial opportunities‘. The scam further claims that it offers transparency, favorable trading conditions and so much more. also tells us that their platform is for learning, investing and multiplying. All of these promises are deception. They are written on the website to make you sign up and deposit your money. From this point onward, you will lose that deposit. review

The scam broker is enticing investors who have anywhere between $300 to $500 for getting started. But their 4 account types says minimum investment is $500.

This means that if you transfer $300 to their bank account, they will take it and either credit it to your online account or steal it right away.

These crooks are looking to accept any amount of deposit it seems. Also, the guarantee of financial success is the biggest lie that Intro Trade can tell you.

It seems their target victims are beginners in Forex trading. This is the same case with a scam like MB Invest. The beginner will not ask a lot of question and so it is easier to scam them.

As you can see, Intro Trade is also saying that their platform offers technical analysis and investment advisory. They supposedly ‘help traders turn their dreams into reality’.

Intro Trade ( and how they scam you

First of all, this scam does not offer the popular standard trading software called MT4 or MT5. Instead, they offer a strange trading platform that resembles that which is often used in binary options trading.

In this trading software, users have to predict whether price will go up or fall buy pushing ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ buttons and hoping their prediction will be happen within a specified time frame.

The problem with this type of trading is that you will lost your trades 99% of the time. This is exactly what is offering.

You can be sure that this is akin to gambling. It is not real trading and everyone who has participated in this or committed huge sums of money has lost their deposit.

IntroTrade is not regulated (no valid license)

Not only are the crooks unwilling to disclose their business address, but they also don’t have a broker’s license. This is a big mistake as we cannot trust them.

Apart from this, the broker is operating an illegal service because every broker in the world is required to have a license. If they don’t, they are simply illegal.

This is a red flag anyway. Avoid unregulated brokers as they will cost you money. They will scam you without blinking an eye and they will not be answerable to anyone.

The Conclusion

Thanks for reading this review. Take it as a warning because is showing a lot of red flags which are hard to ignore.

You want a broker that is reassuring, one that has proper license and is positively reviewed by everyone. Thanks for reading this. Hope you learned a thing.