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Welcome to review. claims to be a Cryptocurrency cloud mining company operating from the UK. They promise daily returns of 1.2% for 365 days and up to 1.8% for the same duration.

Intel Mining is basically operating like a HYIP. It follows the same strategy as Pandemic Relief Investment and many other similar shady Bitcoin investment schemes.

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You don’t have to be an expert in blockchain technology to figure out that this is a typical Crypto investment scam.

The red flags are there and the moment you visit this website, you’ll begin to ask questions.

The following are reasons why Intel Mining is a Crypto mining scam. review

Ownership details not disclosed

There is no company that does not have an identity of people running it listed in the online directories.

This applies to companies registered in the UK. We’ve searched for a company called “Intel Mining” and failed to find one with such a name.

intel-mining review

On the other hand, promotion materials claim that they are registered as a company operating out of the UK. This claim cannot be verified. Furthermore, the people that operate the website or “company” in question are 100% anonymous. Why would they want to hide if their business is legit?

No evidence of data centers being used to “mine” Bitcoin

For you to mine Bitcoin, you must use data centers with the latest Crypto mining technology. With the right facility, you can start mining Crypto although profits are not significant in 2020.

When we did our investigations, we didn’t find any data centers associated with Intel-mining.

With this finding, we can’t verify the claim that the website is truly mining Bitcoin. Mining does not exist here.

Too good to be true returns promises financial freedom by investing in Cryptocurrencies. The truth is that Cryptocurrency mining is no longer as profitable as it used to be when it first started. It is going to be very sad to “invest” only to realize that these returns cannot be cashed out.

This is how HYIPs operate their business. They promise ROIs that cannot be gained and are completely ridiculous. When you see a scam site promising such returns and only accepting Bitcoins as a way to send money to the anonymous owner, just reject the offer. It is not the real deal.

The truth that you need to know concerning

Before we complete this review, we need to highlight how these shady Crypto investing platforms work. Their way of operation is peculiar.

They basically collect whatever deposits they can get and if the flow of “investors” is good, they will pay some returns to earlier investors as they put new ones on standby.

Once they have collected enough, they can close down and start the next project. In the process, those who had sent their money hoping to “mine Bitcoins” end up losing their deposits plus their fake profits.

By the way, the fake profits are always displayed on the user dashboard but they actually can’t be cashed out because they’re just figures as opposed to real money.


By now, everyone should agree with the fact that is a ponzi scheme. With no evidence of Bitcoin mining, one can’t be sure how ROIs are generated. We can’t afford to be so gullible so as to believe their narrative. If you want to trade or invest in Cryptocurrencies, a company like Bitsgap is the best way to start your investing journey from.

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