Instant Bitcoin Profits Review: Scam!

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Instant Bitcoin Profits is a platform that promises to multiply $10 worth of Bitcoin so that 10 people can be paid automatically out of this deposit.

They claim Instant Bitcoin Profits is using a simple system that is legal and profitable.

The website has refused to tell us how they “multiply this deposit” and at the same time they’re not admitting that is an MLM.

In addition to this, they claim that the system is going to distribute payments automatically so no mistakes will happen in the way members are paid.

What is more, the anonymous owner of this website wants to visitors to send him $10 so he can create a similar website for them while the system is positioning them at number 8.

From their description, we can clearly tell this is an MLM.

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Is Instant Bitcoin Profits legit?

The truth is that this website is not providing a legitimate investing opportunity.

Instant Bitcoin Profits review

If the anonymous fraudster behind it is so good at multiplying $10 deposits, they wouldn’t be begging visitors to make a one time deposit so the funds can be “multiplied” to 10 other people.

The fraudster behind Instant Bitcoin Profits even wants to create a website for you.

Websites need to be hosted somewhere and domain names must be paid upfront for a website to be active.

A $10 deposit cannot do it because it is simply not enough. However, hopes that you’re going to be too ignorant to realize this fact.

Another thing is that MLMs love to stream “recent records of deposits and withdrawals” on their website.

This shameless scammer is even decided to show us the “latest donations” and “latest joinings”.

If you’re “investing” through donation, then you must know that this is not investing. It is a scam.

Also, if you’re “joining” with a $10 fee, then this is not an investment opportunity but a ponzi scheme.


The fraudster will collect $10 deposits and run away when he has accummulated enough.

The website is not a registered business and the anonymous person behind it has no sound investment strategy.

But they definitely want your deposit. Think about it.

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