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IndigoCoin Review: Legit or Scam Cloud Mining?

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This review discusses IndigoCoin which is a website claiming to provide Cryptocurrency cloud mining with no initial deposits.

IndigoCoin was initially found on the domain As at the time of writing this review, the site is at There’s a story behind this migration which we’ll let you know later in our review.

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At the moment, IndigoCoin is claiming to give free 500 Gh/s for every newly registered member, plus bonuses of up to 25 Gh/s are available every hour.

This is just too good to be true. Crypto enthusiasts simply want to know whether or not is a legit Crypto mining site or simply a scam. review

IndigoCoin claims that they have a history dating back to the year 2014. However, indicates that their previous domain was created in November 2019.

Looking at their new domain, we find that this too was registered just the other day.

These findings makes it hard to believe that IndigoCoin is a company with a history in mining Cryptocurrencies.

IndigoCoin review CloudMining

They even claim that since 2014, their customer base has grown and they’ve also increased the number of employees working for them.

This claim does not appear to be verifiable. In fact, we’ve just found evidence that these guys were nowhere to be found in early 2019.

The same misleading marketing materials proclaim that IndigoCoin mining is based in Australia. In fact, they even provide an Australian address but the truth is that this is a virtual address.

IndigoCoin review: quick earnings with minimal investment

We’ve always said in our reviews that mining of Bitcoin is not as profitable lately.

You cannot live off the “profits” you generate from mining Bitcoin. Any website claiming otherwise is definitely lying to you.

With this website, they promise up to 8% daily returns, which is quite impossible to earn from any form of Crypto mining activity.

When you see these figures, you should immediately suspect that something is amiss. Also, the fact that they’re luring investors to join the service with zero deposit means they’re trying to play a game that only the financially unsophisticated will fall for.

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IndigoCoin Review: the story behind their “technical problems”

You may never know it but the truth is that when the site operated as, it attracted a lot of victims and as a results, complaints reached the host of the site. They eventually got banned.

Since a scammer never gives up, they decided to re-brand by creating

They might claim that they have nothing to do with the former website but that is not true since all evidence point to the fact both sites are owned and operated by the same people.

It’s just a matter of time before the new host shuts down Watch this space.

Where are the mining rigs for Cryptocurrencies?

These scam Crypto sites are operating in a very funny way. In the case of Indigo Coin, they tell investors that they’re operating mining rigs 24/7. However, there’s no way to prove that indeed mining rigs exist.

At the same time, they expect you to send them up to $400 in order to buy hash power that does not exist.

This fraud used to be very popular in 2017 when the idea of Bitcoin mining first started. We do not believe that IndigoCoin will ever return your money, let alone the “profits”.


The truth is that they’ll scam you and leave you poorer than you first started.

We don’t believe someone can mine Bitcoin or even generate 8% per day out of BTC mining. It is simply a lie. If you want to do for yourself some justice, avoid sites like They’re fraudulent.

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5 Comment on this post

  1. My eanings reached .0054 and drawn nbut up to the time of writing the earning did not get to my wallet.
    This is SCAM site, let the authority ban this site.

    1. Jennings Brian Johnson

      Sorry to here that. It just happend to me as well. I’m wondering if there is a place to contact to get our money back.

  2. Yes this happend to me also when I got to 8% I never receved any of my withdrawals
    This kind of behavior is why crypto will never last. Too bad!

  3. They gave payments at the beginning but there after no payments and no reply.
    But the site is still on and mining goes on .
    This is a scam

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