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Invest in our Forex, Crypto and stocks portfolios and earn up to 300% annually. You can also subscribe to receive useful trading signals and alerts.

With our automated Crypto investing service, you can own more than 80% of the Cryptocurrency market? You don't have to guess which Crypto will rise or which one will fall. 

Our Crypto index fund/Motif will allow you to effortlessly own a diversified portfolio of the world’s top Cryptocurrencies. In return, you'll automatically stay up to date with the ever-changing market, thus earning stable returns. 

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Smart and Effortless Crypto Investing?

Automatic rebalancing ensures that you always hold the top Crypto assets.This ensures that you will increase your return potential and reduce investment risk to nearly zero%.

Why choose our Diversified Crypto Portfolio Service.

We offer automated Crypto Investing with low fees and monthly rebalancing across the top 100 Cryptocurrencies. We offer round-the-clock support to ensure that all your questions are answered promptly. Our goal is to provide smart and effortless investing to the average person.

Managed Accounts

Institutional investors can take advantage of our managed accounts product which offers consistent and stable returns.

Payment Portfolios

This bundle is designed to identify the top 5 Cryptocurrencies that move the payment industry.

Platform Bundle

We focus on Cryptos that are designed to remove the inefficiencies that exist in many areas of governance.

Top 10 Cryptos

Passively invest in a diversified Bundle of the most prominent cryptocurrencies.


We invest in ETFs and stocks from companies that lead in innovation. We work hard to identify the top 5.

Thematic Portfolios

We create a portfolio of companies that drive important trends so you can invest in them without doing your own research.

Crypto stocks

We research blockchain stocks and make them available for your investment on a single bundle. You don't have to do your research.

Cryptocurrency Investments

These are Crypto portfolios grouped in one bundle. We rebalance on the 1st of every month for a fee of 1%.

How to Start Investing

Getting started with our Crypto asset investing is easy. Follow the steps below.
Register your Secure Account
It takes minutes to sign up for an account with us so you can start investing right away.
Fund your Account
The minimum investment is 0.1 Bitcoin or $1000. Once you have funded your account, you can move to the next step.
Invest in your Favorite Crypto portfolio bundle

All our Crypto asset bundles are carefully chosen and rebalanced every month to ensure best returns. Whatever you choose, you'll still make profits.

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