Income Bright Review: Is (Trading Courses) Legit?

Income Bright ( is selling 3 trading education courses and promising to turn students into experts.

As you continue reading this review, you’ll learn why we couldn’t include them in our list of the most recommended trading and education resources. also claims that they are giving students all the tools they need to make the highest profit in the financial market.

The vendor claims that the trading secrets they teach are unattainable and can’t be found anywhere else on the web.

For that reason, Income Bright is charging $200 for the beginner course, $500 for the advanced traders and $1,000 for traders who want additional features like signals and Cryptocurrency course.

Before you spend this kind of money on an online trading course, ask yourself whether the vendor is a professional trader.

If they claim to be professional traders, they need to convince us why they’re selling their strategy as well as give us their trading results.

You cannot purchase a trading course from an internet salesman as you will clearly be making the wrong decision, which ultimately will lead to loss of your money and time.

Income Bright Review: Background of this website

This vendor’s website has been around since April 2014. They are incorporated as Income Bright LTD in the United Kingdom.

However, the website did not introduce company executives or people who will be in charge of teaching students how to trade.

It should be noted that registering a company in the UK is a very simple process and does not imply legitimacy in any way.

These people appear to be extremely intelligent salesmen as they’ve invested in a good-looking website just like Richmond Super (which is an investment scam).

It appears their main focus is to sell trading courses since I was not able to find any evidence suggesting that they are professional traders.

Their marketing material is mostly fluff as the vendor is only keen on telling us how they will change our life by giving us the secrets of top financial executives.

When you come across vendors who make these sorts of claims, your best bet is to avoid them as they are getting unrealistic at this point.

Income Bright does not prove that they are expert traders (red flag)

While they are selling a trading course for up to $1,000, the company is unwilling to provide their trading results yet we know the best way to learn trading is to actually get strategies from a real, successful trader, not a sales guy.

We would never recommend a trading school like this because clearly there’s evidence of cheating.

Feedback from traders who have bought trading education here

Income Bright does not appear to be a very popular website. This could mean that they don’t have a lot of clients just yet.

Nevertheless, there are 3 people who have left feedback of Income Bright on the FPA forum.

These comments appear to come from real people who have purchased Income Bright’s trading courses since their experiences are consistent with the red flags we’ve observed on this website.

All of them have stated that Income Bright is a sleazy scam as they are always persistent and pushing to make money from selling.

However, another reviews website called has posted multiple comments in favor of Income Bright.

These reviews appear to be fabricated as most of them are either 4 or 5 star. They supposed clients are always talking about how they were helped to make money when they purchased Income Bright’s courses.

These are fake reviews which should not be relied on.


Income Bright is clearly a scam. There’s no doubt about it. The vendor is unable to prove the effectiveness of their courses.

Furthermore, we find it difficult trusting them because even the so-called trading experts are anonymous. Their track record is unverifiable.