Imperial FX Review: Is Legit or Scam?

Welcome to the Imperial FX review. Imperial FX wants to sell us “all the tools we need to profit in the Forex market”. claims that they’re the world’s most elite education services in the currency market. They’re confident that they can handle the needs of traders and investors alike. For that reason, the vendor is offering 3 different packages which include trading education, signals and software.

Today, we’ll look at the service and let you know whether this vendor’s trading products are worth it like these highly recommended options. After all, Imperial FX is suggesting that they’re not your average trading education and signals provider. In fact, the company is giving us a ridiculous signal win-rate, and even posting pictures of people who “became wealthy” as a result of using this service. Is this company for real?

Imperial FX ( review

This website has been around since 2002. They used to sell web hosting services. Now, for close to two decades, the domain has been idling around while looking for a new buyer.

Imperial FX was finally acquired by the current owner in 2020. It is not known who the owner of is because the website is privately registered with an Arizona address. So I assume that they’re probably based out of the US.

As you can see, the Imperial FX website is a simple but beautiful landing page that also claims to provide the solution to successful trading in the Forex marketplace.

They claim to be a group of “elite traders” who will deliver up to 3,000 pips monthly or up to 30,000 pips yearly.

We find these figures quite ridiculous, and would like the owner to verify these results before we can ever believe them. After all, this industry is full of charlatans and if the vendor wants to win our trust, they must be willing to go an extra mile to prove the alleged capability of their signals service.

ImperialFX automated software

The Ares trading algorithm costs $749. The vendor claims that it is usually reserved to large corporations but now it is available to retail traders.

What you should know is that this is just sales language. The vendor is using this statement to pressure you into making a purchase. You can be sure that those large corporations probably don’t know about Ares Trading algorithm.

The strategy of Areas Trading algorithm involves analyzing high volumes and executing multiple positions in the market daily while utilizing conservative risk parameters.

Imperial FX believes that this is the best way to share insights about our strategy but in my opinion, the statement sounds quite vague. The trading community prefers in-depth explanation of how the strategy will use conservative risk parameters in relation to trading high-volumes.

That aside, Imperial FX is claiming that we can get a monthly ROI of between 10% to 20% with this automated trading solution.

They claim it has “verified track record” but this is something they fail to produce on their salespage.

Imperial FX signals service

The service provides access to a trader’s chatroom in addition to chart analysis, useful videos, webinars, fundamental news and a promise to gain 2000 pips monthly.

It’s not possible to tell whether ImperialFX really provides what they say they’ll give their signal subscribers since no performance proof has been published on the sales page.

The subscription fee is $130 monthly. The vendor believes that providing chart breakdown is a valuable feature of this product which warrants them to charge this kind of fee.

ImperialFX academy

The trading school is just a collection of 45 training videos, a trading plan and a bunch of rules.

The ImperialFX academy package also teaches how to identify the right Forex broker.

In addition to this, they claim to teach fundamental and technical analysis. All traders who purchase the package will be taught risk management strategies as well as “advanced entry types”.

It sounds quite detailed but again we can’t be sure whether the course is truly worth $497 price tag.

Colorful marketing

One thing with this vendor is that they don’t appear to be honest with us. This is why they have posted screenshots of their alleged happy clients and even showing us pictures and videos of people taking photos besides luxury vehicles.

They’re hoping to use glam and pomp to persuade the financially unsophisticated, which is a trick used by trading product charlatans.

What we need is real evidence that people are making money with this service.

The vendor can utilize a myfxbook profile to show us their strategy or performance over the last 6 months.

Anything else is considered colorful marketing and does not prove to us the worth of the service.

The conclusion

I wouldn’t recommend Imperial FX because of the obvious reasons. The service is hyped but not giving us concrete reasons to pay the dollars.

The vendor thinks that we should make a purchase decision based on what they tell us. But the trading community wants to see demonstrated results, not fancy cars or telegram screenshots which can be used to deceive us.

Thanks for reading this review. We don’t encourage signing up for the signal or trading education as the risk of losing your money is high.

As for the automated trading software, we feel it will not provide you with any value as it has not been demonstrated to generate the advertised returns.