iforexoption Review: Total Forex Theft!

This review proves that iforexoption is yet another HYIP fraud under the company name iforexoption International Investment Corporate Company Limited.

If you believe that iforexoption can generate 3.3% daily for 75 days, then you’ll be shocked to learn that these kinds of returns are not possible in Forex trading.

These guys even have a plan that generates 700% ROI in 35 days. It gets interesting to see how this HYIP fraud is cheating investors with bogus promises.

If you would like to invest in the financial markets, consider investing on these products or services as this is the only way to generate some returns depending on what you’re willing to invest.

Is iforexoption legit?

This website is practicing theft. It is giving us a fake Europe location.

It is also using its corporate details to feign legitimacy. What most people probably don’t know is that these crooks are able to register companies in Europe from any virtual office.


Also, the FCA is very clear about these websites.

They are illegal because they don’t hold any valid broker’s license which authorizes them to provide this kind of service to the masses.

Therefore, anyone that puts his money into the hands of the anonymous scammer that runs the website is going to lose it.

Furthermore, HYIPs are not meant to be a legitimate source of investing.

They are like pyramid schemes where investors lose money to benefit the owner of the website.


Avoid iforexoption at all cost because there’s nothing legitimate about this website.

Their returns are clearly too good to be true. The crooks don’t even ask themselves whether the figures are believable.

The thing with this website is that it quickly go offline once the owner collects “enough” funds.