IFE Markets Review: Is ifemarkets.com Legit or Scam?

IFE Markets is a suspicious Forex and CFDs broker that runs its business as part of GLB Markets.

Because of the red flags on their website, it is evident that even if you use these highly profitable trading and investing products, you will still not make money as they will either manipulate your trades or deny you any profits you have made.

GLB Markets, whose website can be found on this web address (glbmarkets.com) is an unregulated Forex broker.

Nevertheless, IFE Markets claims that GLB markets is FCA regulated. We searched this portal and proved that GLB Markets (mother company of IFE Markets) is not licensed.

So clearly IFE Markets is lying about the licensing status of the company that provided them with a white label brokerage solution.

In addition to this, IFEmarkets.com claims that they are incorporated and licensed by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in Seychelles.

This is not true because our investigations failed to find their name in the regulator’s database.

That aside, IFE Markets makes claims that they are an STP broker that charges zero commission on trades in addition to providing the following benefits:

1.Advanced trading tools

2.Negative balance protection

3.Dedicated account manager

4.Free demo and training

5.Superior execution

Clearly this broker has ruined their trust rating by trying to create a veneer of legitimacy.

This review will give you reasons why you should never trade or invest with IFEMarkets.com.

IFE Markets (IFEmarkets.com) background information

This broker says that they are based in Seychelles but nothing they say can be trusted.

They even claim that they started operating this business in 2009. However, this website was registered in 2018 (according to who.is).

How was IFE Markets running their business when they didn’t have a website in the first place?

This is clearly a lie they are telling us so they can create the illusion that they are an established Forex broker, which is not the case.

How popular is IFE Markets broker?

This broker is not popular and their website does not seem to attract any substantial traffic from Forex traders.

Also, there are no reviews of this broker anywhere on the internet. We find this quite suspicious as a broker whose website started operating in 2018 should actually be serving a handful of customers today.

That said, we invite anyone who has dealt with IFE Markets to leave their feedback in the comment section.

However, the broker is clearly exhibiting a lot of red flags. We definitely anticipate the feedback to be extremely negative.

More reasons to resist this broker

While they claim to run their business out of Seychelles, they are providing a UK phone number for their support.

This is why we said initially that the broker is untrustworthy as there are many inconsistencies on their website.

Apart from not providing us with information on their accurate location, they obviously don’t have a broker license.

We have always warned traders against using brokers such as IFE markets because not only are they shady, but they can also cause massive losses and disappointments to victims.

They can even send you to a financial depression because the worst they will do for your big investment is to refuse your withdrawal request.


IFE Markets is not a worthwhile broker and this review is calling for anyone thinking of using them to change their mind.

They don’t have the basic qualities of a professional broker. They don’t even have feedback on the internet. This is strange and also a confirmation that they didn’t launch the business in 2009.

If you want good brokers, please consider selecting the ones recommended on our homepage (topedgefx.com) as they are regulated and reputable.