icfinancials.com Review: Invesco Financial Scam Alert

icfinancials.com is hosting a broker by the name Invesco Financial/INVESCAPITO FINANCIAL.

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Based on how this broker is presenting their services, we feel that they are less reliable and not professional.

There is no way they can be included into this list of professional brokers, and they will definitely fail to help you make money even if you have the best investment resources to use for your trading.

ICFinancials.com also claims that the company behind their operations is called ATA FINANCIALS MARKET AND INVESCAPITO FINANCIALS Ltd.

icfinancials review

On their contact page, icfinancials is providing totally different information concerning the entity that runs them.

They claim that the company behind Invesco Financial is actually called TM INVESCO FINANCIALS GLOBAL LTD.

They even provide a now defunct domain at planetfinancials.com, claiming that they are regulated by the Financial Commission, FCA and FSC.

Their about us page also provides totally conflicting information.

This mix up of information is a red flag. According to this page, icfinancials.com is the property of INVESCAPITO Ā FINANCIAL, which was founded in 2000.

INVESCAPITO FINANCIAL was allegedly founded by a group of bankers and Forex specialists.

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After a bunch of sentences, they go ahead and publish some “official” documents which look suspicious because they don’t appear to have come from any financial regulator.

Our icfinancials.com review will therefore prove that this broker is a scam.

Their actual date of registration is September 2019 and not 2000.

This broker can’t even provide a proper name for their brand.

They use 3 different kinds of names to represent their brand, which is definitely a red flag.

icfinancials review

Despite the conflicting information on this website, they still want traders to believe that the platform will offer Forex, Metals and CFDs trading.

According to the statements that appears on this website, traders can trade up to 89 instruments, including spot Gold and Silver.

They also provide WebTrader and Mobile Trader software where all these instruments can be traded from.

They claim to be reliable and helpful to traders since they also provide education.

Invesco Financial also promises quick withdrawals, high liquidity, fast execution and daily market analysis.

Credit bonuses of up to 200% are provided.

This is definitely a huge bonus which we don’t think any broker can provide.

Most brokers will give up to 100% credit bonus. So there must be something fishy here.

Invesco Financial Account features

These folks have mentioned on their website that they have 5 different account types.

However, it appears that those links have never been set up, clicking any of those links to learn more is just taking us to their trading and refund policy page.

In fact, most of the links you see at the footer of this website are leading to nowhere.

icfinancials.com is a disorganized broker and it appears their only concern is to scam traders by luring them into placing a deposit.

The bottom line is that Invesco Financial is not transparent with its target customers, and does not wish to provide information about their account types.

However, when opening an account, we found a section in the application form where we were required to choose an account type.

icfinancials.com does not provide information about these account types, yet they expect traders to choose “an account type” while opening a live account.

This is very weird, and is the first sign that the broker will probably steal all your money.

Robo Trading

Invesco Financial broker is peddling MT5 Forex expert advisors that “make money quickly”.

They’re available for scalping, and they use price data analysis and real time trading system.

Currently the broker is offering the following EAs for download on their website:

1.TFX 12

2.TrueStar FX

3.Alpha Tech Trader

4.AutoBot28 EA

5.Delta Scalper EA

6.FoxTrot Trader FX EA

7.Gain FX EA

8.Long Grid Trader

9.Pyramid FX EA

10.Rush Forex EA

11.Super FX EA

Note that to use any of these Forex EAs, Invesco Financial is forcing you to sign up for a live account on their platform.

Secondly, these Forex EAs are not their own products. They are promoting 3rd party products which they’ve not even tested for effectiveness.

Although there is a 30 day money back guarantee, the fine print says “if you lose all your trades”.

This is to say you can lose your equity by 80% but as long as you have one or two winning trades, you will not get a refund.

Deposits and Withdrawals

They support credit cards, debit cards and e-wallets.

However, the broker does not tell us what the minimum deposit and withdrawal is.

They also don’t provide an overview of how the safety of funds are managed.

This is something that only regulated brokers can do, not dubious ones like icfinancials.

No information about spreads and leverage

We don’t expect a disorganized website to provide information about the cost of trading and leverage.

Their aim is to put up a website quickly so they can begin scamming traders.

This is probably the reason they are careless with their audience. On the other hand, this works against them because traders are hesitant of signing up with a broker that does not show any sign of being reliable.

Why you should avoid icfinancials at all cost

The thing is that your money is not safe in the hands of a dubious broker like INVESCAPITO FINANCIAL.

They lie that they are regulated when they are not.

They provide a dead website and even confuse themselves in the process by citing several different kinds of company names which are allegedly related to them.

This is clearly unacceptable. If a broker cannot provide a proper introduction of who they are, don’t trade with them.

Secondly, this broker did not provide information about their account types, leverage, spreads and minimum deposits.

We don’t trade with such brokers, more so if their website looks incomplete.

There is nothing good about this broker, and all evidence point to our suspicion that they are indeed thieves.


A serious Forex broker would never make a mediocre presentation such as the one being made by Invesco Financial.

They would make sure that they’re regulated and their website is providing consistent information.

They would also give us hint that if we sign up, things will work as anticipated.

However, Invesco Financial does not have any professionalism, which is why they can’t be trusted

icfinancials.com is therefore waiting to steal from its victims, and your job is to avoid such a broker at all cost.

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