ibinaryoptionrobot.com Review: the iRobot Scam

Welcome to the ibinaryoptionrobot.com review. The website ibinaryoptionrobot.com peddles a binary options trading robot which is purported to win trades with astonishing 85% accuracy.

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The robot in question is called iRobot and it can be used on a demo with any of their affiliated brokers. Since it’s a trading robot, it will trade on 100% auto pilot.

They even claim that iRobot is the most profitable trading system in the industry.

In fact, the worst part is that ibinaryoptionrobot.com is proclaiming that this robot is trusted by some 2,000 traders.

Unfortunately, these claims are impossible to verify.

When a binary options vendor starts to make claims of how many traders are using the robot and how much they’re making, we can only take those claims with a pinch of salt.

Also, binary options are categorized as CFDs and they are highly controversial. Some experts have said that trading binary options is an equivalent of gambling.

If these experts are correct, then this iRobot app is also a scam altogether. But even if they’re wrong, ibinaryoptionrobot.com website does not give us valid reasons why we should believe their story.

ibinaryoptionrobot.com review

The website of iRobot looks attractive, professional and convincing. Unfortunately, what they are promoting does not necessarily reflect this professionalism.

ibinaryoptionrobot.com review

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They claim that iRobot is built to be successful even in harsh economic environments.

The vendor wants traders to know that iRobot has a complex algorithm built with 6 advanced trading indicators that make money even when markets are volatile.

The robot is allegedly free to use and no trading experience is needed either.

Based on how ibinaryoptionrobot.com is promoting their service, one can conclude that this is a pure scam.

Yes, there’s a chance to test it on a demo free of charge.

However, we know that the vendors and brokers of these binary options trading scams are always playing games with their clients.

For example, a broker’s demo can be manipulated so it can seem like every trade is winning.

When used together with a robot like iRobot, the broker in conjunction with the vendor of the robot can make it look like trading CFDs is very easy and profitable.

But that would be the complete opposite of what reality is.

Actually, CFDs trading is very risky and in most cases does not favor traders because of the nature of how CFDs are created and offered for trading.

Basically, in CFDs trading, traders enter into an agreement with their broker that if a trade expires above or below the entry after a certain length of time, the money invested can either go to the broker or to the trader if their prediction is right.

This market is created to simulate the real financial markets. This means brokers are not routing orders to the market but are simulating market conditions using a special trading platform.

This means that even price feed will not be accurate.

CFDs trading is a zero sum game and brokers offering them don’t always want to lose. If they let it be a fair game, they know that experienced traders will make them go bankrupt since the broker will be getting money out of their pocket to pay the winners.

Is iRobot from ibinaryoptionrobot.com legit?

After clicking around on this website, we found a page linking to binary options brokers like BDSwiss, Empire Option, 24 Option and many more.

We didn’t find Binarium in the list, though they’re also a scam broker.

This means that the vendor is affiliated with these brokers and once a client signs up, they can test iRobot on the demo platforms offered by these brokers.

A minimum deposit of $250 is required in order to “invest” in binary options with any of these brokers.

The iRobot trading app is allegedly free to use.

But there’s a catch. These brokers are offering affiliate partnerships with vendors of these robots. The work of ibinaryoptionrobot.com is to convince you to start trading with iRobot.

They will use everything they can imagine to get you trading with their iRobot app including telling you that their robot has an 85% win rate.

This is such a high win rate in binary options trading and we don’t think it can be sustained.

As a matter of fact, this is a scam robot since the vendor is unable to demonstrate the trades he took and won using their “complex algorithm.”

Furthermore, this vendor is anonymous. We don’t know their trading background or development experience.

They are peddling a fake robot which is just a combination of trading indicators found on any charting package offered by TradingView and the likes.


I would not be so foolish to believe ibinaryoptionrobot.com and their iRobot nonsense.

If someone tells you they have a robot winning 85% of the trades, they are intending to scam you.

If they put up a beautiful sales page like that of ibinaryoptionrobot.com, they are intending to mislead you.

The client testimonials in support for iRobot are also false and their authenticity cannot be verified. You have to be really financially desperate to give these folks your hard earned $250.

If you want to trade professionally, find a good trading school or an expert advisor. Then open an account with a fully regulated broker and start applying your skills.

It will cost you $500 or less but the investment will be worthwhile.

Thanks for reading this ibinaryoptionrobot.com review.

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