Hyper Bot Vps Review: Is hyperbotvps.com Scam?

Hyper Bot VPS is a Forex robot developed for the MT4 and MT5 trading platforms respectively.

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The developer of HyperBotVPS is new to the marketplace yet they promise the best trading strategy, reliability and accuracy.

Hyper Bot VPS is also providing a free VPS which is a good bonus as most developers don’t take care of this part.

There are 3 types of licenses for traders wanting to obtain copies of the HyperBotVPS.

The Starter plan costs $299 and is to be renewed yearly.

However, the standard and Advanced plans cost $399 and $499 respectively. No renewals are required here.

The service comes with free remote installation, 1 hour email response and free account change.

The developer of this Forex robot is unknown, and so is the location where they operate the business from.

Is Hyper Bot VPS legit?

The answer depends on whether the developer can prove that their robot is profitable or not.

Hyper Bot Vps review

They’ve posted a brief video clip on the sales page showing a few trade samples.

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The short samples shows trades taken on EURGBP and EURJPY pairs on the 15 minute time frame.

The profits are also very small as they’re quoted in cents. There are also many small losses here and there.

This suggests that the vendor pulled the data from a cent account as opposed to a standard account where someone earns a living from.

What this tells me is that the developer is not a professional full time trader.

They don’t use Hyper Bot VPS to trade the Forex market. Only their sales pitch wants to convince us otherwise but in reality, their job is to sell licenses of this EA.

In my opinion, this is not a very transparent service.

Should you buy a copy of Hyper Bot VPS?

You shouldn’t buy a license yet because currently there’s no sufficient trading performance to base purchase decisions on.

For this developer to compete with vendors who sell reliable trading systems, they must create a myfxbook account and document every step their automated trading system is taking.


They need to fix a few things before they can inspire any trust.

Other than verifying their trading performance, they should introduce who they are and where they work from.

As things currently stand, I find it difficult recommending the robot. Thanks for reading our review.

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