Huge Profit Global Limited Review: Is Legit or Scam? is a shady Forex broker who once operated as It appears that Huge Profit Global Limited scammed investors, damaged the reputation of, hence the reason for rebranding to Whatever the case, this broker is still not reliable and cannot be trusted. If you want to trade like a professional, you should start with a proper CFDs broker and if you don’t have enough knowleged and experience, I implore you to use trading signals with verified performance.

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Huge Profit Global Limited ( Review

The broker is giving us the usual promises. They insist that Hugeprofx is a true ECN broker — that they offer ultra fast execution, typically lower than 40ms. The broker also claims that they work with top world banks to offer liquidity quotes. HugeProfx also ‘guarantees’ lower spreads on their trading platform.

As usual, Huge Profit Global is also offering MT5 trading software because this is the most popular platform for trading Forex and CFDs. Nearly all brokers offer it regardless of whether they are a fraud like Hugeprofx or not.

The red flags on the Huge Profit Global Limited website

Huge Profit Global Limited is not a transparent entity as their website makes use of stock photos to give the impression that they have no problem displaying their team of workers. also claims that they’re operating the brokerage out of the United Kingdom. So this means they should be having the authorization of the FCA in the UK.

The problem is that Hugeprofx is not licensed, thereby making them a very risky broker to trust with your money.

Ask yourself — if they are not authorized to provide trading services in the UK, do you think they will be honest enough if you trust them with a big deposit?

Another thing that you have to ask yourself before you sign up is why they decided to kill Huge3650.

If you see that a broker is redirecting the old website to their new website, you should do a proper background research on Huge3650.

It’s not surprusing that Huge3650 indeed has very negative reputation. When the broker was doing business as Huge3650, they scammed a lot of traders. So that is why they are now called Huge Profit Global Limited because they hope you will not find out.

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What to do if you have been scammed by

Hugeprofx is a fraudulent Forex broker just like Realms FX, Bitromax and Vnsmart. So if you have been scammed by any of these thieving brokers and would like to recover the money, you should utilize the live chat down below or fill in the form in this article with the details of your case.

An expert will analyze your case and if it qualifies for chargeback, they will give you further instructions. You have to cooperate with them all the way until the money recovery process is complete.

The Conclusion

Hugeprofx is not going to give you a good, reliable trading platform for Forex and CFDs market. Given that their reputation is bad, you can be sure that they will still cheat you like they did with their customers before they rebranded.

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