How to Retire on Bitcoin by 30 or Sooner


OMG! Bitcoin is here to stay but unfortunately retiring on Bitcoin is a reality that many people can’t see right now. The truth is that this market fluctuates because it’s normal for the Crypto market to ebb and flow in a volatile way. This is the same case with the Forex and stock market as you will find out in this course.

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Ultimately in 2025 or 2030, many people will still be regretting that they missed the boat on Bitcoin or some other Crypto like Ethereum.

But as an investor with foresight, it takes a leap of faith to add Bitcoin into your portfolio and wait to retire on Bitcoin by 30 or sooner.

And you can do it without jeopardizing your financial future. If you are a buy and hold guy, you can simply acquire some Bitcoin now and forget about it for a couple of years. It’s still possible that you’ll make a great deal of money.

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However, if you want to keep making profits now before Bitcoin reaches $300,000, then I suggest investing on it by trading it. You can do so even now.

How to retire on Bitcoin by 30 or sooner?

The answer is yes, you can retire with a lot of Bitcoin. In August 2019, I wrote an article on one of my blogs called I can’t link to it now because I sold this blog and the new owner decided to make it practically unusable. However, I have posted a Google search screenshot for you to see what I said about Bitcoin and where it was heading to back then.

I predicted that Bitcoin would hit $50,000. By then, the price was $$10,000-$15,000. I even bought 1 Bitcoin at the time because I wanted to prove a point and not just teach people what I don’t believe in. I held half of the BTC and traded the rest for regular income.

The Secret of retiring on Bitcoin at 30 or sooner

You always want to invest what you can afford to lose, not the amount of money that will give you unnecessary heartache if you lose it.

The money market does not give us any guarantee of profits but at the end of the day, we trade it and we don’t expect that profits will be a sure thing.

I recommend reading this piece of info to understand where I am coming from in terms of how I trade and invest my money.

Now, to determine how much you invest in Bitcoin, you will consider your financial capacity as well as your risk tolerance.

Obviously some people don’t flinch even if they lost $30,000 overnight. In fact, if you are not Elon Mask, please don’t do it.

The point is, if you invest in any market, whether you are buying and holding or day trading for that matter, the amount you commit to the trade should not be too large to plunge you into financial troubles.

I would not want to see you struggling to pay your bills or filing bankruptcy because of an investment gone wrong.

In fact, taking this kind of risk is far from trading. It is called gambling. Gamblers go to the casinos but professional traders go to the market.

How to deal with the volatility in the Bitcoin market

Whereas the Crypto market is volatile and less sophisticated investors keep losing money, the key is to diversify your investment portfolio so that you can be safe ultimately.

You should spread your risks across a diverse range of financial instruments so that if one investment goes wrong, the rest of your portfolio can compensate for the loss. Overall, you will be fine even if you suffered one or two losses down the line.

If you want quick returns in Cryptocurrency, consider trading. But if you want to buy and hold, the profits might come after a very long period of time.

Whereas many people are fearful of investing in Crypto, you can still be cautious by knowing where and how to trade Bitcoin.

Only those with information can make a better decision for a better tommorrow.

The Conclusion

I hope I have answered the question of how to retire on Bitcoin by 30 or sooner.

In conclusion, remember to diversify your investment portfolio. 2, remember to risk what you can afford to lose. 3, consider the amount of money you have and your risk appetite.

This is how people who invest in Bitcoin are able to attain financial success. They approach it tactfully and hence they make money while others lose money. This is the basis for believing that Crypto is perilious.

One way to diversify your investments in the stock market is to attain financial knowledge which will allow you to know where to put your money and how to invest securely for good returns.

Thank you for reading and I hope you will be a better investor this time round.

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