How to Double Money in One Month (30 Days) 2022

This post tackles how to double money in one month. The gradual way of making a lot of money is always the longest and toughest ride and sometimes not as rewarding. That is why I recommend investing in a high yield savings account because you can always achieve your goal soonest, even if you don’t have any knowledge or skill.

If you’re a free soul and are willing to take any risks to double your money, then this post is for you. It’s going to be controversial but these methods have worked for me and many others.

So without further ado, I will give you the options that you have which can double your money in one month or less. Keep in mind that some methods are riskier than others. What you will choose from this list depends with your personality. If you’re not sure, just email me and I will ask you a few questions before giving you my personal recommendation.

How to double money in one month in 2022

  1. The Casino
  2. The ponzi scheme
  3. Day trading and investing in the financial markets
  4. Flipping domains (Buy cheap, sell high within 30 days)
  5. High Yield savings account

Gambing at the casino

While many people frown at the mention of gambling, the truth is that professional gamblers have even formed a career out of it for a very good reason.

Stereotyping aside, you’ll agree with me that how to double money in one month or less can be a reality if you gamble your money with some luck on your side. There are people who have made millions by hitting the jackpot. It’s a fact. If someone can do it, you can do it too.

But like any other profession, doubling your money in one month takes a few things that you must follow religiously in order to increase your chance of success in 30 days or less.

It is often said you should only risk what you’re willing to lose. So if you want to gamble or participate in sports betting, only play with your disposable income to minimize your chances of financial damage.

I gamble occassionally as a way of entertainment and I must say that I “hit the jackpot” once in my life. It happened when I was new and didn’t even understand a thing about betting. This taught me that sometimes luck is the only thing you need to double money in one month.

Of course I have gotten better over time, and I am more cautious these days. Still, I have managed to double my money occassionally every few months.

The Ponzi scheme

How to double money in one month is a controversial topic because many people think of it as being greedy and not realistic.

However, truth is that if you have not seen it, it does not mean it doesn’t exist or that it’s a hoax. I have seen ponzi schemes paying their members millions of dollars overnight.

In my early days on the internet, I researched a lot about money making opportunities on the internet. Of course this put me on the direct path of many ponzi schemes that promised me thousands of dollars in a fortnight.

I made money and also lost money in the process but I learned an invaluable lesson. The lesson is that not all ponzi schemes are created equally.

There are ponzi schemes whose intention is to scam members and not help them double their money. And there are ponzi schemes that really pay their members and only stop paying when new members are not joining.

The ponzi scheme that pays its members will have a highly organized financial structure where the owner pays himself only after they pay existing members.

If you’re lucky to join and earn before they close business (most reliable ones run for 3 years before they close shop), then you will in fact double your money every month.

Now, you might ask me how to determine whether or not a ponzi scheme is “legitimate” or is paying its members.

This is simple: just look at how long the website/business has been around. I would recommend joining one that has existed for at least 12 months but not 2 years. I would then rely on it for the next 3 months or for as long as the payment keeps coming. I normally recover my deposit in 1 month out of the profits. Anything else that I earn from the second month is considered a bonus.

Point to remember: This method is riskier than gambling but it’s one way to double money in one month if you know how to do it right. I’ve just given you one tip. If you want more, shoot me an email.

Day Trading and investing in the financial markets

Day trading means you enter the market and close the trade within the same day. You can enter as many trades as you like but your success will depend on how you enter and close trades in your favor.

I started out as a day trader nearly 8 years ago. The profits were quick. I used to scalp the Forex market but as I advanced my skill, I switched to swing trading, which is not the preference of people who want to double their money in 30 days or less.

I doubled my money occassionally but eventually crashed the account after 6 months of day trading. Meanwhile, I recovered my capital in the first month and went ahead to make huge profits thereafter until that day came.

Did I lose money? No I didn’t. What I lost was some profits that I had made several months later after withdrawing my initial capital plus other trading profits.

I had doubled my money within 30 days. I did it several times. If you’re interested, please check out my guide here. 

Flipping domains/websites

I know this is not related to the theme of this blog but at least it will answer your question of how to double money in 30 days or less.

Well, flipping domains or selling websites is one way. You can register domains or buy them for cheap at online domain stores and sell them later for big profit.

The way I do it is that I create a domain instead of buying and put it on auction at a websites like flippa or websitebroker. This opens a new world of opportunities for me to sell domains/websites because I get noticed by vendors who procure them from me and sell them elsewhere.

So every month I get a chance to double my money because of these arrangements. If you think you can do it, I can give you a very simple guide.

Point to remember: Anyone can get into this business. The initial cost is less than $50 and you’ll get started. There’s a chance that you can make up to $3,000 every month from a mere $50 investment. Very profitable.

High Yield Savings Account

This is my favorite because it has proved to help me make a lot of money for myself and also for the readers of this blog.

A high yield savings account is basically where you save some money/lock it for a period of time so that it can multiply in a short period of time. There are websites/apps that are so reliable for this kind of job. You don’t have to look far as this website is the best facility for investing in high yield government bonds and the global financial markets.

The Conclusion

We’ve said a lot about how to double money in one month or less. I of course don’t intend to reveal the secret card to every random person on the internet.

However, if you should interest in wanting to find out the ultimate secret way, you should make an effort to reach me.

Thanks for reading.