Hoursoftbank Review

This Hoursoftbank review proves that the site is a scam and no one should bother sending them any money.

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Just like Comex Trades, Hours of Bank is claiming to generate passive income from Forex and Crypto trading.

Those trades can’t be verified. In fact, Hoursoftbank is even lying about their background and experience of admins.

Minimum deposit is $5. Ask yourself whether this minimum deposit can generate any significant profit.

Also, serious money managers don’t ask for pennies in order to “manage your money”.

Hoursoftbank is also taking users for a ride by claiming to have generated over 1000% ROI out of $200 million investment.

HourSoftBank review

We need to see verified trades to be certain that income was generated.

Is Hoursoftbank legit?

No, this is not legit. It is a High Yield Investment program which basically operates like a pyramid scheme.

The truth is that Hoursoftbank is paying profits from new member deposits.

This is to fool older members and to make them deposit more money so they can be scammed in the process.

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The scam is also making use of the popular UK based company ruse.

Fake testimonials have also accompanied the scam.

Investment plans and ROIs don’t make any sense.


Hoursoftbank is your typical HYIP from the UK. It is run by anonymous website admins.

You should keep off this scam as no trading is being done.

Take advantage of these trading tools and resources if you want to invest in Forex or Crypto.

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