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HiHedge Review: Profitable AI Trading or Scam?

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In our HiHedge review, we discuss trading using AI and machine learning and whether the product that is sold at HiHedge can benefit or scam you.

The team behind this trading product are listing a couple of benefits but not providing proof that their AI machine learning trading software is effective.

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We already know that AI trading removes the human emotional factor from trading. It learns the market over time and saves cost.

The team behind HiHedge is operating out of Singapore and according to their professional profile, these guys are mathematicians and algorithm researchers.

Surprisingly, there are no professional traders in the team, which makes me wonder how they are developing a working trading product without insights from real traders.

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HiHedge Review: Their side of the story

From what I can see on their website, the team behind this product are providing AI generated trading strategies that transform businesses affordably.

They claim that their product involves machine learning, backtesting and big data analysis. They believe this is better than inference intuition, theories and experiences.

HiHedge AI Trading

While I disqualify inference intuition because they never work and those who use them do so form scamming naive students, I cannot totally agree with this company for saying experiences don’t matter.

Profitable trading requires experience and all those other software can be beneficial only if there is proof that the product works.

Is HiHedge a Scam as opposed to a profitable AI trading software?

While the website of this company looks professional and convincing, you should remember that the developers have not provided any proof that their AI generated strategies can trade profitably.

This company has not provided their past trading performance to demonstrate what their product can do for the trading community.

Therefore, in as much as their website is welcoming investors and those interested in AI trading, the truth is that not a single investor is willing to put their money in a project that has not been demonstrated to work.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that AI trading is bogus. All I am saying is that we’d like to see how this product works using past trading performance in order to validate its authenticity.

No Customer feedback

Despite the company having a serious website for introducing their product, I have not seen a single review from people who might have invested in HiHedge AI trading software.

The company’s website is also not very popular (according to their alexa ranking). Probably this might explain why there are no customer reviews at the moment.

This review should therefore serve as a proper platform for airing your reviews, opinions and observation about the website and their AI software.

I generally don’t recommend trading products that I have not seen any reviews of.

The Conclusion

I applaud the developer of HiHedge because of their website that looks professional. However, their product may not be the best artificial intelligence trading software out there.

I am adressing the developer right now, letting them know that if we can’t see verifiable trading performance of their AI trading software, then all is in vain. I find it difficult to recommend a product like this.

If you are the developer of this product, kindly send me an email so I can get to know what you’ve achieved with the product as well as which customers have endorsed the software in the past.

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