HFTrading Review: Is hftrading.com a Legit Broker?

Welcome to our HFTrading review. HFTrading is a broker that boasts of providing a gateway to exploiting Forex currencies to stocks like German Dax30 and South American corn.

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HFTrading is a broker that believes that with their educational items such as videos, tutorials and guides, traders can get the best experience and results from trading.

HFTrading offers trading in desktop, web browser and mobile app respectively. They also appear to offer MT4 software for trading. This is the standard of trading on the internet today although other software have come up.

According to their promotion material, these trading tools are flexible and will allow traders to view, analyze and also execute trades at any time.

By the way, HF Trading claims that their speed of execution is 0.04 seconds. If this is anything to go by, then we can say this broker provides the best execution than brokers like ETFinance, RoInvesting or Ogam Forex.

If you’d like to invest with HF Trading, we recommend reading details of our review before making up your mind.

HFTrading review

In this HF Trading review, we’ll list down the known advantages of using this broker as well as the potential downsides.

hf trading review

Our review starts with regulatory status, trading platform, leverage, spreads and ease of signing up.

Advantages of choosing HF Trading over other brokers

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HFTrading is regulated

The best thing about this broker is that they are offering a financial service with a valid New Zealand Financial Markets Authority license. Their license number is FSP197465.

HF Trading is a trading name of a company called CTRL Investments Ltd (CTRL Investments) which operates in New Zealand. New Zealand has some of the toughest regulatory measures for brokers.

This basically means that jokers and scammers can’t operate here because they can’t meet the requirements.

This is good news for traders wanting security and peace of mind when using Australian brokers.

HF Trading made sure that they are registered and license appropriately.

This will ensure that safety of funds is guaranteed because regulators often require funds to be segregated and they also require brokers to adhere to strict conditions before they can be issued with a license.

For that reason, it is completely safe to sign up with this broker. 

HFTrading review: Trading platform

This broker offers MT4 trading platform in addition to web-based trading and mobile trading respectively.

If you’ve been trading Forex for a while, you should realize by now that MT4 is the standard of the industry.

Most retail traders have familiarized with all the features of this platform and they generally prefer it.

Even if you want the best expert advisors for MT4, you shouldn’t have a problem finding one because most developers are now programming specifically for MT4 software.

MT4 software is known for its robust charting capabilities. It’s also known for its flexibility and backtesting environment.

For some reasons, it’s grown in popularity compared to trading platforms like cTrader.

And if you would like to trade on the web without having to download the MT4 software, HF Trading provides you with this chance as well.

They want to make everything ease for the trader which is why mobile based trading is also available.

HFTrading review: Leverage and spreads

Maximum leverage that can be given is 1:400 which is quite generous. While this is good news for the aggressive traders who have their risks appetite so high, it is also very dangerous.

Even if you have the best Forex expert advisors or signal services recommended here, we ask you to use leverage in moderation.

We always use 1:200 for our trading. We don’t know about you. In terms of spreads, they start at 0.01 pip.

This is again lower than the brokers we’ve been recommending here. So far, we think HFTrading is the cheapest broker to trade with because traders are paying lower spreads.

Open a demo account here to test their spreads. If you like it, you can transition to a live account even if you’re new so long as you’re using our recommended trading software above.

HFTrading review: trading instruments

This broker is also quite generous with their financial instruments. They’ve covered all trading instruments ranging from Forex, to stocks, indices, Crypto and many more.

This is the perfect environment for choosing your ideal trading instrument. Some brokers like to limit what their traders can trade but this is not the case with a broker like HFTrading.

HFTrading review: Ease of use and customer support

When we tested their trading environment, we rated it 4 out of 5 because it was easy to sign up and use.

Their customer support which is provided via phone, live or email is also very responsive.

They managed to sort out a slight glitch we had experienced when signing up. Once we were setup and ready to go, place the minimum deposit and start trading profitably.


We’ve not found any. At first we though the broker was not regulated but when we dag deeper, we discovered that indeed they hold a valid Forex broker license.


It is completely safe to trade with HFTrading broker. We felt perfectly relaxed and the spreads were ok even during worst market conditions.

You can sign up using this link to start trading and of course demo traders can do so as well. Technology has made it easier for each one of us to start making money even with little experience.

Thanks for reading our HF Trading review.

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