Hedonova.io Review: Is this Company Legit?

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Hedonova.io is an investing platform for alternative assets. Alternative assets are becoming popular due to their low volatility, enhanced returns and their broaden diversification.

According to Hedonova LLC (the company behind the platform), investors will earn an APY of 33.8%. This figure is quite possible to achieve due to the fact that alternative assets provide unique return streams and opportunities that investors would never enjoy if they opted for traditional assets.

For starters, this means income invested into the platform will yield a yearly return of 33.8%.

But Hedonova has a minimum deposit requirement of $5,000. The company does not restrict people who want to invest more to enjoy handsome returns.

Hedonova Review: Where exactly does this company invest your money?

The company invests in NFTs (non-fungible tokens), historic works of art, high yield real estate, P2P lending, startups, agriculture, music royalties and so much more.

This product is offered as a single diversified fund. As an investor, you are guaranteed of limited risk due to the fact that this fund encompasses a number of alternative assets put together in one basket to give you optimum results.

Is this company regulated?

The company has been filing SEC returns. Just to clear doubts, I have provided a link here to let you know that the SEC is aware of their activities.

If they have the SEC’s approval, then rest assured that it is safe to invest with this company.

Conclusion of this review

Thank you for reading this review. If investing in alternative assets is something that you would like to try, you should sign up here. The company is very transparent and their support is also extremely responsible.

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