Hedonova.io Review: Alternative Investment Scam?

Thanks for reading this review of Hedonova.io. The company is supposedly providing alternative investment fund that encompasses real estate, NFTs, aerospace, telecom, startups and so on. Hedonova is however a suspicious company with a couple of red flags worth considering.

Therefore, if you would like to invest in any of the alternative assets that Hedonova is peddling around, you are better off trusting these investment options as they have proven to provide real value to both traders and investors.

Hedonova.io Review: a possible scam

We have a problem with Hedonova’s way of marketing as they are clearly misleading investors.

Their language of marketing entices investors to deposit $5,000 while the company is promising them some good returns.

The company is especially encouraging non-US investors by promising them zero tax on their profits.

Hedonova.io further claims that they have achieved 86.7% historical returns but this information is quite vague as we do not have any data to verify their claim.

The reason Hedonova.io would appeal to the financially unsophisticated is because they claim to posses the secret of investing in private companies and exclusive investment opportunities.

Their marketing materials suggests that the company has a team with the right expertise who can identify investment opportunities that exist in the startups.

Actually, Hedonova just claims that they ‘invest in unicorns’ but are not providing specific details of how they actually invest in these entities.

It appears that the company is just targeting stupid people with at least $5,000 to throw away.

Hedonova lies to you that they are regulated by the SEC

They make reference to the SEC because psychologically when you mention the SEC, investors will think you are credible.

If we start the search for the license which they are suggesting on their website, we find that Hedonova.io is actually not registered or authorized by the SEC to provide investment services.

Therefore, it turns out that any company that solicits money from the public with the promise that returns will be paid out is actually an illegal platform unless it is regulated by the SEC (if it is based out of the US).

In this case, Hedonova is just providing us with a mere disclosure on the footer of the site because this actually works when it comes to convincing curious but financially naive consumers.

What to do if you lose money in this scam

To recover your lost funds, you just have to fill in the form in this review or utilize the live chat on this website.

Once your case is reviewed (actually for free), you will be advised further and possibly you will recover the money that you gave the crooks.

By now we are 100% convinced that this company is not providing a legitimate investment opportunities to consumers.

They’re just throwing figures here and there and using persuasive language to lure investors into the platform.

When we start to dig deeper into the facts and what the website is telling us, we find that they are actually good marketers who understand how to use words to persuade consumers.

We are not saying that everyone that sends money to these individuals will lose money. What we are saying is that their offering is not legit and even if you get paid your ‘profit’, there is 100% chance that the revenue is not from the supposed investment opportunities.

This is a trick that is currently being played by Yieldfarming.com and other ponzi schemes.

The Conclusion

We do not encourage gambling your money on this company as the risk of losing your investment is very high.

As we write this review, several people have lost money to ponzi schemes and Hedonova.io is just one of those websites that get creative with their marketing.

And the operators of this website also know that majority of investors don’t understand some of those investment opportunities. So they are actually thriving on consumer’s ignorance and making a lot of money from those deposits.

Avoid Hedonova.io.