Heal.estate Review: Heal Estate is a Smart Ponzi Scheme

Heal Estate is an interesting ponzi scheme rather than a serious investment platform. The website states that it is a crowdsourcing investment platform that focuses on smart contract technology to build wealth.

On its website, Heal Estate claims that it is the ‘world’s first digital real estate’ wealth game. The way we understand it is that Heal.estate is actually attempting to sell you the idea of ‘tokenized real estate’ just like this ponzi scheme does it.

And the problem is that Heal Estate is actually confusing the financially unsophisticated investor by promising that their platform is offering financial education with regards to blockchain technology.

Down below, the website presents ‘compensation plans’ where investors will be required to participate by paying $275. This appears to be the basic ‘investment package’.

The website further attempts to insinuate that they are creating wealth for everybody and that it is safe to invest with them since everything happens in the blockchain and that Heal Estate does not keep your money.

Is this for real or some sort of a scam?

Heal Estate review: We’ve established that it’s a scam

The webpage is basically trying to confuse the financially naive by bringing the topic of blockchain technology and also throwing education in the mix.

Financial education is not a financial product. In fact, the marketing jargon that this webpage uses is meant to confuse investors further making them not question where profit is coming from.

With no real financial product but profits are still promised, you can be sure that such a platform is a ponzi scheme. Why?

Because if they have to pay you, they will have to collect that money from someone else’ deposit.

If the constant flow of new deposits is not going to happen, then the thing will not pay you and will surely collapse.

Why Heal.Estate is going to collapse and run away with your money

This website is very new. It does not even have a trust rating yet it wants to start paying you ‘profits’ and transforming your lifestyle.

We feel that this is quite ridiculous as we smell mischief in how they market the platform.

Furthermore, they want investors to attach their Crypto wallets to their platform.

We feel that the website owner is beating around the bush since smart contracts are indeed transparent but not everyone understands them unless they are an expert.

The source code may be open to the public but if you are not a programmer, you will not figure out anything.

As a matter of fact, scammers have often built backdoors in these open-source smart contract programs that allow them to steal money and run away.

There are also platforms like Codecanyon that sell standard smart contact codes to anyone wanting to run this kind of scam, and you can see in the description of these products that a loophole for stealing money is always present in the program.

The math behind a ponzi scheme like Heal Estate

If there will be any profits to be paid out, the scammers will use new deposits to do so.

This is how they intend to sustain the project until they’ve accummulated ‘enough money’.

Meanwhile, people will be trusting them because the platform will actually be paying investors but in the backend, they are using other members money to do so.

When new deposits stop coming, then payouts will also cease to come.

This is when the scammers may decide to shut down the cash cow and run away with whatever little is remaining in the system.

The Conclusion

Heal Estate is build on a referral system where people will be participating through invitation.

This is why the website was saying that it is an ‘exclusive invite-only’ opportunity.

This is actually a marketing language as nearly everyone on the internet will receive an invite at some point.

Even those people who pull romance scam tricks on unsuspecting investors can send you a link on social medias like Facebook, Telegram or Whatsapp and then convince you to sign up.

Whatever the case, Heal.estate is still an illegal program that is not worth the status of an investment platfirm.

If they don’t have a real product or service, they can’t be possibly paying legitimate profits. Nothing of that sort has ever happened in the world.